Get to Batuu from Fantasyland in time?

I just reserved our FastPasses today (hurray!). The day before we leave is jam packed with fun, and we all know jam packed sometimes has logistical questions. To wit:
In our party: me , DW, DD (12), and DS (10).
We all have FP for Peter Pan (our only FP for Peter Pan) at 9:15. Then, DW and DD go to Bibbity Bobbity Boutique at 10 and Cinderella’s table at 11.

Meanwhile, me and DS have Savi’s at 11;10, then lunch in Epcot before we all meet back in MK for the rest of our FP, dinner, and a fireworks party.

The question is, do we have time to get to Batuu at 11:10 after the Peter Pan FP at 9:15? I was thinking we’d walk over to the Contemporary and catch the bus. Or do me and DS skip Peter Pan and RD something else in HS (like RotR or MF: SR)? He’s a bigger fan of Star Wars than Peter Pan, so we might do that anyway, but I wa curious if my planning is faulty to begin with. Thanks!

You’ll probably be done with PPF at 9:45am. You probably know the time better thanks to your TP. I’d estimate it’s going to take an hour to get from MK to DHS and into Savi’s walking to the Contemporary Hotel and getting a bus. So… I think you do have time.

If you are really concerned about it and going to the Contemporary Hotel anyway - Why not grab an Uber / Lyft for about $12 - $15. It’ll get you there in less than half the time.

Yeah that’s a great idea! I like taking Disney transport but I might have to forgo it this once.

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If you feel comfortable using a ride share you can save even more time by ordering as you are walking to the hotel. This way it’ll get there right after you do.

You can catch a direct-to-HS bus at MK. No need to walk to CR, unless you are concerned about a long wait for that bus. Also, you can scan your FPP for PP at 9:10 if you are trying to do it as early as possible.

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Which could be just as much of an issue at CR as it is from MK.

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I am not sure how often the park-to-park buses run shortly after 9:00 MK opening, whereas the buses from hotels might be more frequent at that hour.

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That was my thinking: there are probably more buses going resort > park then going park > park because no one is park hopping (cept for me) that early. Uber might be our best bet. We’ll be rope dropping Peter Pan earlier in the week, so maybe he and I will just skip that FP. Thanks everyone!

I personally would do this, just to avoid spending all that time in transit (and also because I like SW)

I’m guessing you have SWGE time planned for some other day? If so, how about holding on to the Peter Pan FP, and then deciding after your initial visit to SWGE if you want some more time there? Just an idea

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Yeah, we are big fans so we’ve got two days at HS with (at least) two MF:SR FPs on the books. We added Savi’s for DS at the last minute because DD seemed to be doing one more special thing. Kids.

I’m sure you will not regret Savi’s! my son, though only 5, loved it and I really enjoyed the experience too

They might be. But the buses at the Contemporary are shared with Bay Lake, which is a DVC resort.

There is a sizeable number of DVCers who wouldn’t do rope drop, so lines for the buses can still be pretty long at that time in the morning. And when I say lines, that’s a misnomer too. There aren’t lines roped off, so there can be a fair amount of people just rushing to the bus rather than waiting in an actual line.

Personally that’s too close for comfort, time-wise. Unless you use a ride share.

Good points! I haven’t stayed at a deluxe in recent years so I don’t really know their bus situation. I agree that if you’re pinched for time and willing to spend the money, then ride shares are a good option.