Get FPP for Navi because same day FPP for FOP are more likely?

I have seen people post about getting same day FPP for FOP pretty regularly it seems and even times to watch for additional ones being available. I don’t recall reports of same day FPP for Navi. I certainly could have missed some or perhaps people just aren’t reporting it because it isn’t as exciting a catch. Am I crazy to consider getting FPP for Navi and trying for same day for FOP? Typically, we would just RD Navi and get FPP for FOP but we can’t do RD this year on our AK day. I understand there would be no guarantee, but it sure seems to me like same day FPP for FOP are far more common than Navi.

Personally, I wouldn’t risk it. You never know when those SD FPP drops will stop happening.


But there seems to be no hope for a Navi same day drop… right?

I wouldn’t chance that. I don’t think missing Navi River is a great loss!


My kids loved it :slight_smile:

Probably unlikely. What is your plan for doing FoP if you can’t get a same day FPP?

I have none :rofl: I was just looking at the long wait for Navi in my TP and saw yet another person post about getting same day for FOP and that got me thinking… You all are probably right. It is safer to just get FPP for FOP and wait for Navi. But I really don’t want to wait that long for Navi and I know my kids are definitely going to want to do it.

Now I was lucky enough to get a same FPP for FOP last month. But before I found it our plan was to jump in the FOP line just before park closing.

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I think people report getting FoP because it is so hard to get even at 60 days out. Usually it’s at around the 60+3 mark that people manage to get an FP in the first place.

If you can get FoP, I would book it. The stand-by line for Navii will be far shorter than for FoP. On the other hand, if Navii is the top priority of the two, then book Navii.


We rope-dropped Navi River (maybe 15 min wait?) the first week of Dec 2018 and had a FP+ for FOP for about 5:30 pm (which wasn’t convenient for our other plans). Were at Tusker House when I checked afternoon options and snagged FOP for immediately after lunch.

Next time around we’ll take FP+ for Navi River because my daughter considers that the unmissable attraction. We’ll watch for SD FP+ since neither of us are keen on FOP standby, but both can live without riding it again.


Glad I am not the only one considering that. I know it goes against the general wisdom but I still see very regular reports of SDFP for FOP and don’t recall ever seeing one for Navi. If it won’t be a huge disappointment if your party didn’t end up getting to do FOP, I still wonder if it would be worth the risk to FP Navi and hope for a SDFP for FOP.

Isn’t it easy to RD Navi though? Why not just do that rather than risk it?

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We typically would but the timing doesn’t work with other things we want to do that day.

If FOP is a priority, I would not risk it. That being said, if you are willing to wait for one, I’d rather wait in the FOP line than the NRJ line. Have you tested your TP both ways? Perhaps see what the wait time difference is between the two? If both versions put you in like for a similar amount of time, then maybe worth the risk, but if FOP is showing a significantly longer wait that NRJ, I’d get the FPP for FOP and RD NRJ.

If you want to ride FOP at all, I’d FP FOP and do standby for Navi. If your priority is Navi and you’re willing to skip FOP if you can’t get a SD FP, I’d get the Navi FP.

Side note… it took me about two thirds of this thread to realize that SD FP was “same day fastpass,” not “Slinky Dog fastpass.” I was very confused about why everyone was talking about a DHS ride on an AK thread!


I’d wager that SD FP+s pop up for Navi River, but, as folks have said, no one reports on it because FOP is perceived as the tougher score.

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I couldn’t get a SD FOP. I had one for late in the day and wanted to move it up and there was nothing to be found. To be honest, I wasted a lot of time with my head in the app, refreshing, rather than enjoying my time with my family in AK. Book FOP and stand in line for Navi.


My thoughts exactly and thanks for the reminder. Everyone keeps saying tap and modify but I do not want to spend the day in my phone.


I would never plan this way if FOP is important. It’s not a guarantee and if it doesn’t happen or you don’t manage to snag one if it does you’re sunk


I did see lots of FOP pop up at certain times and usually no Navi. (This was 3 weeks ago). I finally did score a SD Navi but I had to refresh for at least 40 minutes straight (I was waiting with the baby for a RS anyway so might as well.) So I think it’s true your chances of getting FOP are probably better, but that being said, it’s still risky and if FOP is a priority I would still get that one. Lines for Navi at closing are usually not too bad, I think.