GeoPolitix's WDW "First-TImer's" Trip Report

Day One - Arrival Day - Saturday

This is a delayed TR - but I needed the extra week (OK - 2 weeks+ @Jeff_AZ ) or so to reflect on this amazing trip! My original thought was to post the whole TR for the whole trip in one post but since it is taking me so long to do this TR and with the wise recommendations of others (thanks, @ryan1) I will be posting each day’s TR as it is completed.

First - as I’ve already note in other posts here in the TP forums - I am noting this as a “first-timer’s” TR due to the fact that the last time I was at WDW - Test Track didn’t even exist. This is also somewhat just a “stream of consciousness” where I am “vomiting out” all of my thoughts on this unforgettable trip!

Day One - Arrival Day - Saturday

Thankfully arrived at MCO with only an hour flight departure delay due to previous day’s severe weather in FL, which slightly affected Pilot/crew “rest time”. Used Mears from MCO and Pop was the first resort stop.

Side note - plays into Monday’s TR - the MOMENT we stepped off the bus at Pop (and to lay the groundwork with a little fib in prep for Monday’s surprise VIP) - I immediately pointed out the large black four-door Suburban-ish vehicle with a CM in the driver’s seat sitting in the driveway with the comment of “oh look - that’s one of the types of “Minnie Vans” one can hire for fast(er) transport to Parks - there’s the red and white ones and these black ones, too!”. Just received a nod in response.

Room was ready when we got onsite - the other one wanted to check-in at the front desk just to get that first experience with CMs instead of doing direct-to-room. Check-in with CM experience lived up to my (our) expectations (as I expected) - received first-time visit pins and my Happy Birthday pin - (reminder - base trip was bday gift back in Dec 2019 - that was cancelled due to pandemic closing)

Ordered Groceries from Garden Grocer (same place as the cancelled Mar 2020 trip (decided to stick with them even though there now seem to be more choices). Groceries were already at Bell Services when we got to the room.

After freshening up in the room - took SL over to Riviera for the Topolino’s res I was able to get (thanks Mousewatcher!) - Is it proper to call them out here on TP?)!

The views, the service, atmosphere and the FOOD were absolutely spectacular and top-notch and it was the only meal we paid for due to DDP (all TS DDPs for the entire trip were already reserved).

After dinner, took SL over to the Boardwalk and walked around and soaked in the wonderful atmosphere, to include all of the people walking around - and the sidewalk (Boardwalk) entertainment.

Took SL back to Pop, played around with “Hey Disney”, watched some cartoons and turned in for the planned early start the next day.

More to follow!


Day Two - HS - Sunday

Woke up early to get Genie+ and prepare to get $LL and LL. Since the VIP for the next day was still a secret, I knew I had to try and get some sort of LL and $LLs for this day even though I knew we were going to be able to get on all of the major “must-dos” as part of the VIP (and HS DAH later in the week). Was able to get $LL for RotR and an LL for ToT.

Breakfast - ate in the room using aspects of the ordered groceries.

Arrived at HS by SL and at the HS bag-check, got only I pulled aside for a manual security bag-check which took about 10 extra minutes, and thanks partly to the suggestions found here on TP, that was the last manual check because for the remainder of the trip, while entering the front gates of the parks, took out and held anything that would set off the detectors out in front of me in the hand/arm that didn’t have my small sling pack on/in it (at the suggestion of the security folks) - so that was cool!

Took advantage of the PhotoPass photographers on Sunset (MemoryMaker was part of the gifted “base package”, thankfully!). Indeed, took advantage of almost every PP photographer (when there wasn’t a line) - so much so that by early afternoon and into the evening we were telling the HS/SWGE photographers/image specialists "please don’t ask us to do the ‘force gesture’ ". :slight_smile:

Walked directly over to ToT for the LL and was on the ride in less than 5 minutes - stand-by was already at 65 minutes. What fun this was and as thrilling as I remember it!!

Grabbed LL for Star Tours while in LL for ToT.

Walked over to ST for the LL. The last time I was on Star Tours decades ago, there was really only one “scenario”, so while exiting the ride, asked a CM how many different “scenarios” were now part of ST - they replied that there were over 100 different scenarios for the ride! (is that true?).

Then walked around Toy Story Land absorbing the atmosphere and then headed over to and walked through and was wowed by SWGE - LOVED IT. I was blown away with the scale of everything!

Stopped into all of the SWGE stores to peruse - ended up getting a cool blue shirt (seen in the photo below) for later use that day for Batuu CYM.

(Light) Lunch - 1245PM res at Oga’s - by the luck of the draw, we got to actually sit down at one of the tables and had great conversation with others who were already seated at the shared table. Ordered the two available plates for nibbling because of our early-ish DR. Found out from a CM on the way out that one CAN request a table when checking in for a res, but one may have to wait a little longer.

Batuu CYM

Now THIS was fun! Booked one session, arrived early to give enough time to plan what and where we wanted photos taken. Asked that light sabers be brought. This was a cool experience, with a very friendly and accommodating photo team. Only later would I find it interesting that these Photographers accepted a tip for the session (more on that for the MK CYM on Tuesday)

Dinner - Ate at H&V as part of the Fantasmic! Dinner Pkg. I deliberately had a majority of DRs that had character experiences (wanted pics with Characters!) which means these CXs were “buffet” style dining - again all deliberate. Why? I wanted to be able to eat as much salad and veggies as I wanted (I’m not a vegetarian) - for me (us) being able to have as much crisp and cold salad with all of the fixins was so so refreshing.

I do have to say - not only for this buffet but for ALL of them, the food was hot and fresh. I think the sheer number of people and volumes consumed don’t really allow food to get soggy and limp. For me, on a buffet - my “go to” (if available) to test out how good a buffet is, is to eat the cooked green beans. For H&V and for all of the other buffets, the green beans were at the perfect temperature and were perfectly cooked with plenty of crispness still present!

Build a Droid Res -

Scheduled this because we both wanted to build a droid. This was SO fun (and worth it IMO) and took me awhile to decide which type. Ended up with the all red and white Chopper-type droid. When it came time to activate, the CM just couldn’t get the droid to activate, and it was determined the main body part I choose was bad. The CM retrieved a dupe body part and offered to rebuild for me, but I decided to go ahead and do the entire rebuild myself. What fun this was!


After completing the droids and doing a wee bit of testing in the appointed area, made our way over to Fantasmic - was great to sit down. The show was great and towards the end found myself getting a wee bit emotional for some reason. That’s part of the Disney magic I expected!

After the show, headed back to SL for the short ride back to Pop - SO convenient!


Wow! What an excellent day at HS. Love your CYM photo.


When was that - mid 90s? Glad you made it back and had such a fun time!

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Yes - probably at least 30 years ago!? (goodness!)

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Excellent photo!

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Great TR so far! Having fun following along.

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You are too kind - thank you!

Day Three - The “Secret” VIP Tour Day - Monday

(new edits are marked with “EDIT” - due to me remembering things I forgot to mention, as well as some additional pics, now that the other one made pics taken on phone available to me)

Let me preface this day’s TR with this stuff:

Even though the base trip was gifted to me, I was (thankfully) the one to take on all of the planning and all of the other “extra” stuff I may have wanted us to do for the trip. Three months out, when I reviewed the expected plans - one of the (expected) comments I received was “well - doesn’t look like this is going to be a relaxing vacation” - to which I responded…“well -we ARE going to Disney World!”. :slight_smile: That then got me thinking about trying for VIP with the reasoning of - we could experience all of the major things we wanted in as short of a time as possible -and that would/could then “relax” the currently planned super-early morning wakeups for RDs, G+ and LL stresses for the remainder of the trip. Called SigSvcs and was told no Tour slots were available - was asked if I wanted to be put on the waiting list, and I said “yes”.

Fast forward to approximately two weeks before arrival date - got a call stating a Tour was available, which prompted my separate post here asking for opinions from others about whether VIP was “worth it”. Based off thoughts/responses from others, decided to go for it. My original thought for the Tour was to just focus on MK, but after reading other posts, decided to try and make this a four-park thing. The problem was - the gifted base trip did not have the Park Hopper option included. I realized my challenge was to “secretly” add the Park Hopper option and make sure an email was NOT generated to the original purchaser because when I brought up the fact that “we” (I) wanted to add the Park Hopper option - I was kind of shot down on that with a “why do we need that with all of the planning you are doing?”. Spoke to SigSvcs and they said that as long as Park Hopper was ideally added the night before the Tour (instead of the morning of), the “system” should register the added PH option, so things ran smoothly for the tour. After our return from HS to Pop the previous night, under the guise of “I’m going to get a soda” I went to the front desk and added the PH option and once back in the room didn’t receive any comment about anyone receiving a confirmation email about adding PH - whew!

When asked for a general “wish list” of attractions I wanted to be part of the Tour, I clearly informed SigSvcs that the Tour was a secret and a surprise, and I was going to tell the other one that we were going to get a Minnie Van (please refer to my immediate comment on disembarking the Mears bus on arrival to Pop on Day One TR) to “go to MK” (the documented plan I had shared here in the house was that this day was only an MK day) and I asked that whoever was going to be the guide to please play along for as long as possible - particularly because I decided that AK was actually going to be the first park visited due to proximity to Pop.

Prior to our leaving the room, I was able to get an $LL for Tron for well after I expected the Tour to be over, but before HEA. I happily communicated that I got the Tron LL, trying to be consistent with the thinking that the day was only going to be an MK day. Even though I KNEW we would be able to get on Tron as part of the Tour (barring any issues with the ride) - I hoped the attraction was awesome enough that we would want to go on it again - and luckily, I was right!

The agreed-upon Guide meet-up time at Pop was 730am - AK had EE hours starting at that time. Although I had seen many comments/posts on TP that scheduling the Guide in a manner that allowed the Guide to “drop-off” Tour participants at the (standing) prime viewing areas for HEA at the end of the Tour - I had already reserved Seats & Sweets at 60 days out figuring by 8pm it would be a good thing to be able to sit down after a long day. (and boy, was I right!)

When we got to the front of Pop - there was the Guide - who, as we approached, said “you ordered the Minnie Van”? (yes!). We got in the vehicle and started to drive to AK with the Guide prompting general and friendly conversation. We got to a backstage drive-through gate, were immediately let through (only after the surprise was revealed did the Guide tell us that he skipped the required bag security check in order to “preserve the surprise”) and at this point - the other one didn’t think anything was unusual because I had already said that "Minnie Vans can sometimes drop you off closer to the entrance of Parks then buses or SL.

As the vehicle pulled into a clearly marked parking spot with a sign that said “VIP Tour Vehicles Only”, our Guide (Chris) stated - “well, this isn’t really a Minnie Van…” and then I stepped in and revealed that fact that Chris was our personal Guide for the day and that we were visiting all four parks to hit all of the major attractions, allowing for a much slower and less stressful pace for the remaining three days. The response was a beaming, pleased smile along with the comment of “you’re crazy”. Yes! Surprise success!

The remainder of the day with the Guide was a whirlwind and quite the experience - unfortunately, I can’t really remember EXACTLY the number of attractions where we got in through a backstage door - but it was a good portion. The longest we waited in line for anything was one ride at 20 minutes - I was FLOORED.

So here’s the general listing of what we did…

AK: (starting at around 750am)

EDIT - Picture below was taken by our Guide because I wanted a picture of the ToL - the first time seeing it! Note the “early morning sun”!

NRJ - used LL - virtually no wait - Guide rode with us

FOP - back door access, as I recall - virtually no wait - what a COOL ride - wow! Luckily, we had good pairs of attraction glasses!

EE - maybe a five-minute wait? - we love roller coasters - this was so much fun, and we were yelling our heads off! The Guide used his phone to get a slo-mo video of us during one of the drops and texted it to us by the time we met up afterwards.

From AK headed to HS - did the requisite (and perfunctory) security bag check at the HS back gate. Our Guide warned us the Security guy would have a “dad joke” for us and didn’t disappoint (can’t remember the joke). Was greeted by Tour Team Support with smiles, friendly conversation and well-wishes along with beverages and snacks. Was so cool to be able to leave our bags in the vehicle!

HS: (Starting a little after 9am, as I recall?)

RotR - we HAD to do this again after being blown away the previous day, we both felt we hadn’t truly absorbed everything the attraction had to offer-under a 5 minute wait, luckily!

Millenium Falcon - somehow the Guide worked it out with the CM so we were both piloting - was super fun with virtually no waiting,

EDIT - adding the picture below - our Guide told us if we acted fast, he could take a picture of us sitting at one of the MF tables within the attraction - do they let everyone do this - I’m not sure and didn’t think this was a “Tour” thing??

SDD - super fun and smoooooth, under a 10-minute wait. After exiting SDD, our Guide pointed out to us the fact TSL was designed so the toys were “proportional” and then he pointed out the giant imprints of Andy’s shoeprints included on the sidewalk - not sure we would have noticed that!

On the walk to MMRR, our Guide asked if we had ever tasted the Jack Jack Cookie Num Num - we said no…he bought us two and we all split one of them!! Let’s hear it for SUGAR! (and chocolate)

MMRR - entered through a back door, as I recall - no wait - SUCH a cool attraction - loved it. (we would go on this again during HS DAH on Wednesday)

Now it was time to head to Epcot!

EP - starting just before 11am, as I recall?

Since GoG and RRA were far apart - the Guide said we would drive from GoG to Remy.

Upon arriving backstage at EP, was once again greeted by members of the Tour Support team with smiles, water and snacks and plenty of encouragement to “have fun”!

Before entering GoG we were informed that RRA was down, and we would see its status after exiting GoG.

GoG - entered through a backdoor and the Guide worked with the CM to ensure we were in the front car. WOW - what a blast this was…the way the cars “pivot/rotate” slightly so one is not always facing forward was so cool! (“One Way or Another” was the song")

Space - Green - very short wait and very cool! (I didn’t think I would have the stomach for Orange)

Exited Space and RRA was still down. At this point, it was time to head to our final Park - MK. As we walked to the vehicle, our Guide asked us when our planned full day at Epcot was going to occur,. Continuing our walk, our Guide was on his phone, and when he was done with the phone call, instructed us to look at MDX and that we should see an “anytime Thursday” LL for RRA since we couldn’t get to it on this day. WOW!

As we exited EP in the vehicle to go to MK, it was only then that I realized that I COMPLETELY forgot about TT - but at that point, knowing we would have a full Thursday at EP and EP DAH for that same day, it would be no problem getting on TT that day instead of now.

MK - (arrived shortly after 1230PM, as I recall?

Was once again greeted by members of the Tour Support team with the usual magic and pixie dust - really cool to see the team put in place around these Tours. Our Guide told us that the Support Team does a myriad of task to include having the vehicle started up and cool with AC (if needed) and many other things. Left our bags in the vehicle with assurances from the Guide that members of the Team would get our bags to him wherever we happened to be in MK for transfer to us at the end of the Tour.

First stop- Lunch - we sat in the shade in Tomorrowland Terrace, ordered QS lunches from Casey’s and the Guide insisted he go to retrieve our lunches for us while we relaxed. Was pleased our Guide ate with us.

Then it was time for attractions:

Space Mountain - a few minutes wait for this, the “slowest thrill ride” coaster in MK - so much fun - just as dark, twisty and jerky as I remembered.

Tron - maybe a 10-minute wait…wow wow wow -what a thrill! Was able to get the front car easily, thanks to our Guide

SDMT - short 5-10 minute wait, as I recall - fun fun thrill ride - the attraction photo certainly makes it look like I was having fun!

Big Thunder - this was our longest wait of the day, and indeed for our entire trip - about 20 minutes - no “back entrance” for this one, and the LL line extended out to the sidewalk. Fun stuff!

Pirates - I really don’t remember any sort of wait for this one - but had to do this one - I DO remember this ride from my last time at WDW, but having spent my teen years in CA, my first experience with Pirates was at DL - and I recall that my base memory of Pirates from that last WDW visit was - where’s the second drop, and this is way shorter! Regardless - it was simply delightful!

HM - no wait for this one with a side or back entrance, as I recall - we were asked “see the stretching room or bypass it?”. We opted for the entire experience, and it brought back many fond memories from times past.

Jungle Cruise - less than 5-minute wait, as I recall - this was the final Tour attraction and prior to getting on it, our Guide disappeared for about three minutes and then reappeared with our bags. He then got us through the LL checkpoint, we were part of the next boarding group and we said our goodbyes and thank yous, and that ended this spectacular Tour.!

EDIT - Mixed up my MK Day dinners, correcting this day’s dinner to the correct location)

With a 5PM dinner res at JC Skipper’s Canteen (so we would have room for sweets, drinks and such later at S&S for HEA) we had time to walk along Main Street, absorb the atmosphere and just stroll. I did forget to mention that for HS on the previous day, HS was not at all as crowded as I expected it to be and the “pace” at HS seemed leisurely(ish) and certainly not “manic” or I felt like I had to constantly make sure I was not going to run into or bump into someone while traversing the park. I bring that up only because even though I knew MK is the most-visited park - it was CROWDED with people - and there seemed to be strollers everywhere! It was during this stroll around Main St before dinner that I realized how crowded the Park was…

My hat is off to all you parents with multiple kids and/or strollers in the Parks - I don’t know how you all manage it - I had problems just keeping track of my sling bag sometimes!


JC Skipper’s Canteen - Our first in-park non-buffet dinner - chose this location because of the variety on the menu. Service and food were excellent - and our CM server only said about two “punny” things to us - which was fine!

After dinner, it was time to take a stroll, let the food settle and head to Tron for our $LL - we were so glad to be able to ride it again - and the LL line was about a 10-minute wait!

Then it was time to head to Tomorrowland Terrace for…

Seats & Sweets

Checked in about 8PM for this, and it was GREAT to sit down. got a two-top table right on the railing and grazed on the cheese, fruit and (for me - the non-alcoholic - I don’t drink at all - never have) drinks…there was a nice cool breeze, and it was cool to see all the lighting coming on as it got darker and darker. Thoroughly enjoyed HEA, was able to see just fine, and was VERY glad we were sitting down!

At the end of the show, decided that we were good for the day, and we headed out to the front gates and the bus area. Saw the incredible line for buses for Pop Century - and thanks to the wise counsel of others here on a different thread - we were able to immediately board a bus to Riviera - there were five people in front of us un the line for the Riviera bus and once at Riviera - did the 5-minute walk over to SL and before we knew it we were back at Pop - able to sit down the whole way back! Yay!

So that was QUITE the day for us!

Was the Tour worth it - yes absolutely! It really really made a difference for the pace for our remaining three days, and the look of surprise and the ability for us to experience all of these things together for the very first time contributed to making this another one of our unforgettable trips together…

Thanks for reading!


Sounds like you had an amazing day!


I can’t believe you went to 4 parks and arrived in the last one before 1pm - nuts! :exploding_head:

Sounds like an epic day on the tour. Loved reading about the surprise, well planned!


Epic! Well done with all the planning, really paid off.


The AK 730AM EE opening time really helped, and Epcot proved shorter than expected… I thought something similar the same day…and I had to remind myself that at 1230PM we were already at five hours into the tour - over halfway into the eventual total time… All I know is I feel fortunate the way the day (and trip) went!

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What an amazing surprise!


Day Four - MK(-ish) Day - Tuesday

The Tour the previous day relaxed our expected schedule for this day, which, prior to being able to book the Tour, was originally supposed to be an entire second day at MK.
With the first scheduled item for the day starting at 430PM - we were thankfully able to have a fairly leisurely morning before leaving Pop. We actually took the time to have a QS breakfast at Everything Pop!

Prior to breakfast and at 7AM sharp, I grabbed another scheduled $LL for Tron for after the dinner res, knowing we would want to do that again!

For the previous two days, every time I would ask “what do you want to do next” - the answer I always got was “Monorail… monorail”, so while eating breakfast, I laid out what I thought were the best plans for the day,

First - take advantage of our PH option, take SL over to EP, and then from the Inti’l Gateway, take a quick stroll through EP to the EP front gate and get on the monorail! We got on (still so cool!) and changed at the next station to take the Resort loop. Then, the plan was to get our Mickey Ear hats (gifted back in 2019 as part of the original trip gift) embroidered and to see the “world’s largest Disney Merch store” - both doable at DS. Figured out we could take a direct bus from the Contemporary to Disney Springs, with no stops. Arrived at DS and had so much fun walking around and taking it all in. As usual (for us when travelling anywhere), refused to go into any “mainstream” store one could visit in one’s own city or area - stayed focused on all things Disney! Dropped the hats off to get embroidered - bought a couple of small holiday ornaments for good measure.

Lunch - Earl of Sandwich

Stopped in for an excellent QS lunch sandwich - hit the spot!

Walked around DS a little more, picked up the now-embroidered Mickey Ears hat (and put it on, of course!).

Walked around trying to find “the perfect” Mickey Mouse t-shirt - nothing struck my fancy - but even worse - continued the fruitless search for a Donald Duck shirt with Donald having an annoyed expression (as only he does) - not a super angry Donald Duck -just one where he wasn’t all happy and smiling. (this search would ultimately be unsuccessful - CMs in stores across DS and the Parks acknowledged the lack of a variety of Donald Duck shirts.) :frowning:

Since we really didn’t have too much to carry with us from the shopping, decided to not go back to the room at the resort, and we just hopped on the direct bus to MK from DS. General comment - the “travel times” for buses when getting directions in MDX generally seem to be overestimated (a good thing) and before we knew it - we were at MK. Got through security without a manual bag check and saw there was time to see PhilharMagic! for the very first time ever - SO fun and cute - LOVE Donald Duck!! Then it was time for the very short walk over to Liberty Square Ticket Office to check in for…


Arrived early for this and had great fun with the photographers. The photographers refused the attempt to tip, clearly stating they were not allowed to accept tips. The photographers stated we could go to a “blue umbrella” station and give a CM Compliment by name (with their state of origin too, of course) which was done immediately after the session was complete at the indoors station at Liberty Square Ticket Office.

By the way - this day was by far the warmest for the entire trip with temps in the mid-80s.

Grabbed an LL for Small World for later (before scheduled Tron $LL- yeah, I know- but didn’t want to wait in line for SW for too long - SW SB was at 45 min at that time).

After walking around a bit more and still not able to find the “right” Donald Duck shirt it was time for…

Dinner - The Crystal Palace (this entry is now on the correct day, if anyone thinks they saw this same entry on the previous day’s incorrect TR)

The service and buffet food were top notch and exactly what I needed at that point of the day (salad galore and crispy green beans!)! Seeing (and taking pictures) of/with the Pooh characters was so fun!

After dinner - walked around a bit absorbing the atmosphere and letting the food settle and then it was time for Small World! I have so many fond memories of this attraction from my childhood/teen years in CA going to DL. Was just as I remember and was a total delight with only a 10-minute LL wait!

By the way (I haven’t googled it yet),do these numbers at the end of the attraction have meaning (I’m betting they do?)

It was now about 5 minutes before HEA was supposed to start - as we were leaving SW and walking in front of Peter Pan - I suddenly noticed what looked like a “sprinkler” dousing water over the roof of PP (see picture below that was taken at 827PM)

For all of you experts here who know WAY more than I do about WDW - do they do this in case fireworks remnants drop onto the top of this roof…or?

Time to head for Tron - we walked “the backway” (since the Castle area was closed off for HEA) using the path connecting Barnstormer and Tron - was an easy uncrowded walk.

Seeing the start of HEA from behind the castle was quite interesting - the “perspective” of the fireworks was definitely different (stating the obvious?)!

Now it was time for the Tron $LL- we were so glad to be able to ride it again - and the LL line was about a 10 minute wait! What a different ride when it’s dark!!

Then it was time to do the People Mover - I dunno why -but this has always been a favorite of mine from my many times at DL - was great to be able to sit, see (and hear) aspects of HEA, feel a nice breeze and just take it all in with the perspective that the PM offers.

It was now time to head back to the Resort and got caught in the throngs leaving -oh well.,…it really wasn’t that bad (we were NOT in a rush) as we walked in the back area behind the Main Street stores to get to the front gate.

Once again, the line for the Pop buses was astronomical and we took the half-full bus to Riviera and took SL from there - easy as pie, quick and we could sit the entire journey!

What an absolutely splendid day!


I don’t know either answer, but I would also like to find out!!

Different better, right?!

This is one of my favorite memories–my DD14 (she was little) on her daddy’s shoulders walking near the carousel and seeing the fireworks overhead. :face_holding_back_tears:

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The numbers on the side are a reference to the original facade, in the fact that it is a clock, that every 15 minutes, there is a parade of dolls and a clock chime. The facade at WDW does have the clock and chimes, but does not do the parade of dolls.

The sprinklers on PPF is to keep the roof safe from stray fireworks debris and sparks.


My limited research found there is no “hidden” meaning behind these numbers (or the order they are in). The very last post/answer at the link below, seemingly provided from a now defunct Twitter account of “disneylandtoday”, states there is no hidden meaning…

What do the numbers mean on the Small World clock tower? : r/Disneyland (

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Thanks for this! I find it interesting the numbers at WDW are within the attraction (at least for the picture I took) - didn’t even think to look for them again on the front of the attraction like they apparently are at DL. Thanks again!

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