Genie+ with tickets that need park reservations

Our park hopper tickets for March 2024 require park reservations. Can someone please verify/clarify how G+ is affected by this if we want to use G+ for our second park of the day, but not the first? If we get the park hopper G+, can we start booking LLs at 7am for attractions in the second park? If we want to save a tiny bit (would go straight to the ice cream budget line :laughing:), is the idea that we can get G+ for the second park and start booking LLs after we’ve tapped in at the first park? Thinking about this for an AK/EP day (where we do not need G+ at AK but would like to stack up rides for the evening at EP, and since AK opens so early, would hopefully still be able to get a decent first LL even without paying for the park hopper G+). Thanks!


Why is that? What kind of tickets are they? If they are date-based, you do not need reservations. There are very few ticket types that do.

If you want to use G+ across multiple parks, simply purchase the “Multiple Parks” option when buying G+. You can begin booking for any park from that point forward. Park hopping is no longer restricted and while buses may be hard to come by before 10am, you could in theory tap into your first park and turn around and go right to the next one.

When I was there recently, I spent the morning in Epcot and used all of my G+ booking opportunities to book at HS for later in the afternoon (3pm and later). You do not have to wait until a certain time to begin booking at some other park, and you do not have to wait until you’re in the next park either (I heard that misinformation on a podcast this week). The only limitation is where in time the attraction that you want to book is booking for.

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They are “Magic Your Way” tix, lol, available through our work. Technically they are good for first use through mid-Dec 2025 and they definitely require reservations. Disney told me so when I linked them in MDE :wink: But they were extremely discounted so I’m not complaining!

Thanks for clarifying the Multiple Parks option.

Still curious how it works if you really only want G+ at the second park. (I realize it would only save us like 4 dollars a person, but that adds up.) Maybe I will have to be the guinea pig and report back!

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Just buy it for that (in your case, second) park. You won’t be able to make LL reservations anywhere but that one park. It only saves you a few bucks but that may be worth it for you.

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Thanks again. I spent some time digging for the info I was vaguely remembering reading about. Parking the links here for others who may have the same niche issue. Again this only applies if you need park reservations. Hopefully these reservations go away soon for everybody!

Blog Mickey on original issue with park hopper tickets requiring reservations needing you to tap in at first park before other parks’ G+ options are available (not resolved that I can find unless you buy the Multiple Parks G+)

Blog Mickey on Multiple Parks G+ (info is the same as in replies above)

and not part of my original question but somewhat related
Disney website on booking VQs:
Guests can request to join an attraction virtual queue at 7:00 AM (valid admission is required and select admission types may also require a theme park reservation).

The Blog Mickey links were correct at the time but are now just confusing and misleading. The system was updated a couple of weeks later.

@OBNurseNH is correct, you just buy it for the park you need G+ for.

For the 7am VQs , you will only be able to try for one in the park you have a reservation for.


Okay, good to know. Thx