Genie+ Strategy

Hi All

I’m trying to work out what is the best strategy for Genie+
Some recommendations have been to try and stack rides for later on during the day.
Others have said grab the earliest times you can, that way as enter the ride, you can try and grab your next one.

Was wondering if anyone had any advice?

Thank you



Go with your preferred method of touring.

Are you are an early riser, like to knock out many attractions in the first half of the day, and/or are able to rope drop (on site)?

Or would you rather arrive later and have an attraction heavy evening?

A good strategy can be developed from either of these. But your preference is a good starting point. Arriving early will most likely get you more LL’s in a day. There are great tips around here for snagging early return times in order to tap in quickly and get another.

Thank you, we are hoping to be early risers lol

We like a combination of both strategies during a weeklong visit.

MK is the best park for using Genie Plus for us.

You may want to sleep in (or let your family sleep in)?halfway through your trip.

But if it’s hot summer months, our mantra is “done by 1.” We rest for a full 4 hours at the hotel before returning to any parks.

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Thanks, sounds like a plan