Genie + strategy

If you plan on making your first genie + at 7:00 am, buying all available lighting lanes and joining the virtual queue, plus going to the park at early entry and staying all day would you recommend stacking the genie + or making them ASAP to your location in the park and just booking after each check in?

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It depends. If you have some high demand must get LLs you want to grab those first which may botch a plan to churn and burn as soon as you get to the parks. But you don’t really need them the first hour or two.
There is a couple threads regarding genie plus stategies.

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It does depend. We loved churning through LL at Magic Kingdom. This worked well for us in the morning. Although some rides only had a short 15-20min posted wait time anyway, they were walk ons with the LL and cumulative time saved added up quickly. It felt very VIP :blush:. Churning works less well in parks with fewer rides, but we did the same at Epcot (not the headliners) and had the similar feeling. We stacked the headliners at HS and purchased ILL for Rise. Didn’t use Genie at AK.