Genie+ Strategy Questions and Answers (mostly for len)

I’m using this thread to test different Genie+ strategies across a wide variety of touring plans. I expect that there’s no “One Strategy Fits All”, given the diversity of touring plans we see.

For this question, assume:

  • You’re using Genie+
  • You’ve got lunch or a break scheduled in your plan for 12 noon to 1:10 pm
  • The most useful attraction for your specific plan has a Genie+ reservation available with return time of 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

My question is: Would you take that G+ reservation knowing that the time window is 10 minutes shorter than normal because of your lunch/break? Or would you risk potentially not seeing another G+ reservation for that attraction because it’s only a 50-minute window?


I definitely would take the G+ reservation and just plan to use it later in the window.


Yes because I know that it’s actually 119 min return window and I’ve got plenty of time (in this case 109 minutes)

I would also keep playing the slots in hopes of getting another that worked even better


I too would take it because I know the window is extended by 119 minutes.

That being said I am imagining the chat posts if my touring plan told me to show up after the window. I also don’t want that 119 minute window published since most likely Disney will change it.

Ok, back on topic. Yes, I would take that window because a 50 minute window, right after an in-park meal is plenty of time.


What if it involved you hopping though? Say I’m having lunch at AK but my SDD at HS is the thing we are talking about.

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Yes. I’d go straight to the ride after lunch / break. 50 minutes still allows for some leeway should I be running a bit late.

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Good point. Assume no park hopping.


Then even not considering the 119 minute return window I would still find the return time acceptable though it’s 10 mins shorter than usual


My thought is I would take the Genie+ reservation to start my 2-hour clock, and try to modify the time to a bit later if needed - also knowing there is a grace period if I was unable and couldn’t make it by 2:00.


I’d definitely take it (even without the unofficial 119 minute grace period). I might try to modify to a bit later if I knew for sure lunch was going to go long. But overall I’d be comfortable with that window and just use it as is.


I would take the LL for all the reasons listed above.

No matter what, rookies are going to be confused / overwhelmed by all the nuances of Genie+ and that has to be taken into consideration. But even so, 10 minutes should be enough to get from an in-park meal to the attraction.




1:10 to 2:15 is a 65 minute window.

Doesn’t TP’s G+ website information come into play here? That extra 15 minutes can be worked into the touring plans, no? Or at least mentioned in a TP so newbies are aware…



I would definitely book the Genie+. So long as I have most of the hour long window available I would expect to be able to make it in time.

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Good point.

I was specifically not including the grace period because many first-timers won’t know about it. My thinking was that they’re going to look at the initial trade-off as “50-minute window OR I get nothing.”


I would take it and ditto what @Jeff_AZ said.


If you’re looking for a teaching point I would lean heavily on the idea that for the most in-demand attractions (or even just for the most critical to a touring plan) it’s best to take what you get to start off with, even if it’s not ideal, and then play the slots until you modify to a more convenient time.


This convo is interesting to me because in all my planning, it’s never occurred to me to be annoyed at potentially “losing” 10 minutes on a reservation. As long as there is 1 minute where I know I can get there that’s good enough for me.

Actually playing out this scenario in my head - if I told my family I had gotten that G+ the response would probably be “Oh perfect so we can go right there after lunch!”


I would take it and consider it an ideal return time even if I didn’t know about grace period.


100% take the Genie+ knowing that their is a grace period or I could beg the CM to let me on if I was late