Genie+ “Stacking” hack

The Lines chat feature is having a great discussion about what they are referring to as “Stacking”. Basically, a way to keep 2 Genie+ reservations at all times all day long (Or at least until you experience every attraction). This blog article describes how to do it:

First, I’m curious if the TP testing crew is aware of this, and when can we see some test results for this. I’m just thinking that between this hack and an optimized Touring Plan, someone could experience every major G+ enabled ride in not one park, but TWO parks in a single day (although I think HS would need to be chosen first for this to work.



It’s already been discussed over here but I’m not sure if TP staff have tested it. There was a vlogger who did I think. I’m kind of avoiding stressing myself out about it since my trip isn’t till July, hence the vagueness :joy:


I think this might be where the discussion begins.


Some info here:


This is not registering in my head for some reason.

What I’ve gotten so far is make a single lightning lane selection using G+ first thing (I assume while in the park at opening or at 7 am EST for on site guests)

Wait until the “loading” window expires.

Within the 15 minute grace period AFTER the reservation, tap in and immediately make 2 more LL reservations for later in the afternoon. (one presumably another 120 minutes out and one later in the night?)

Rinse and repeat.

But because of all those steps, West Coasters who want to sleep in have to start the process whenever they tap in (12-1pm for DS and myself, 5-7pmish for DH). So DH would basically not have any options available at that point for all the people doing the stacking earlier in the day? And WE would have no shot as a family of getting late night LL’s together because of DH’s late-ish arrival?

So if I say “to pothole” with all of that and focus mostly on paid individual paid Lighting lane’s, I would still have to get up at 4 am my time to basically pay for a spot in some virtual queue? Could I then at least try to find a late night spot. None of us have been on Rise yet and I was kinda hoping we could do it together.

Are you referring to is the ability to double the number of LL reservations you have?

That one is taking advantage of the trigger written into the code of G+. Not sure how long it will last. I assume Disney is aware of it and will eventually close the loophole.

Here is an example:

07:00 am - Get a G+ reservation for Na’vi River Journey that is between 9:05 and 10:05.
08:00 am - Park opens
10:06 am - 2 hour window has expired. Get another G+ for Kilimanjaro Safaris.
10:07 am - Tap into Na’vi River Journey (you are still within the grace period of the ride - even though you are late).
10:07 am - Grab another G+ for The Animation Experience.

You effectively were able to book 2 additional G+ rides quicker. In Theory, you could continue to double the rides again if you time them right.


So in your example… if I tap into NRJ at 9:45… do I only get to make 1 new reservation after? What if your first LL is for a time past the 2 hours after opening?

Or in other words do you have to hold a LL at 121 minutes to book a new one based on 2 hours?

Or to really incredibly simplify it, can you always book a new LL every 121 minutes PLUS after using your LL?

I can’t wrap my brain around this obviously

Yes. Because the 2-hour window did not expire before you tapped in to NRJ.

Then you will be able to book a second LL when the two hours expires.

To get the double-booking, yes. This is how I am reading it from the TP chat.

Not that simple, I believe. It has to do with the 2-hour window expiring before you tap into the LL ride.

Having not done it myself, I can only speculate on what I have read in the chat and guess at how it is coded in the G+ program.

My thought is the 2-hour window “trigger” for a new G+ reservation is secondary to the tapping in “trigger”. So, when you tap into the ride, your two-hour window resets. But if you let the two hour window expire first, you are able to start a new G+ reservation. Then the code is looking for the primary “trigger” to allow an additional G+ reservation (tapping in). Hence allowing the booking of 2 .

I had to read the TP Chat on this a few times for it to make sense.


The important thing to remember is that all that matters is what can trigger a new allowed G+. They are:

  • Completely tapping into a G+ reservation
  • 2 hours have passed since you made the last reservation (or two hours after park open if you made the most recent one before park open
  • The time window of a G+ reservation ends.

That is really all you need to remember.
It doesn’t matter if you get a new G+ plus chance for tapping into a reservation that you also got one when that window ended. The new G+ chance is triggered by actions, not tied to particular G+ reservation. That is how you are allowed to double-up. Since reservations can be far in the future (looking at you SDD), they can’t limit you to one or two reservations at a time.

The really cool part about applying the stacking early, is that once you have two you can keep two since you can ignore everything else except Tap In And Get Another.


Does stacking work using shows? Is there a grace period for shows that would allow one to let the G+ selection expire, tap in within the grace period, and then book 2 more G+ selections?
Show return times are more predictable and bit shorter (I think?) so the wait for the G+ selection to expire would potentially be both more predictable and shorter. Am I way off in this line of thinking?

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I don’t think it will work for shows. FPP didn’t.

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What if when you booked your G+ rides, you included him in the party and then just let them expire for him? That way he’ll be on the same timeline as you and you’ll be able to grab the G+'s for him so that when he arrives they’ll be a plan already in action.


I think this is going to be the approach I take!

The hiccup is completely on our end. DH wants to start his days at Epcot, and meet up with us after hopping. I’ll do my best to set plans with him, but with PR’s and this new system…we get what we get.

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I would love more first hand accounts of the expiring window way to stack. I am afraid to try that on our first Genie+ day at HS…!

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I read briefly in chat yesterday that someone was not allowed to use their genie LL when they were 3 minutes late for their window…its at the discretion of the CM and this CM was not letting them in…just to add another layer to your planning process.

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It shouldn’t be at a CM’s discretion, it’s programmed into the system to allow 5 mins before and 15 mins after - if you tap it will turn green. Now if you’re 3 mins after that, definitely up to the CM.

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I just read through that thread on chat, that person did not attempt to tap. They told CM they were late verbally, CM told them they could not ride. So no tapping was attempted.


This is odd. Did they NOT attempt to tap in, and then told the CM they were late? Did they tell the CM HOW late? If they just tapped in, the system should have let them on. The CM can’t know if you’re late unless you tell them, or have them check.

Keep reading…

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Yes. I see that now! :slight_smile: