Genie+ Review and conundrums

Can you expand on the using of all 4 magic bands? I’m a little confused by this (much like a lot of Genie+).



I just re-read your post, and I’m guessing this because your DS didn’t want to ride everything.

I have a little one who doesn’t like any serious rides so we have been swapping his band and my wife’s bands so that the older daughter can effectively hold two separate lightning lane reservations simultaneously.

For example we did splash mountain and thunder mountain back to back with lightning lanes by swapping who held which bands since wife and younger boy didn’t want to or weren’t tall enough for it.

He’s been happily watching disney+ on the park wifi while DD rode everything…


Thanks, after some re-reading, I figured that might be the case.

Thanks for the reply and all the info so far. It’s been really informative.

I’ll be there in two weeks with a party of 8. Some like rides, some don’t, and some are too young/short for scarier/bigger rides.

I’ve been on the fence about getting Genie+.

It’s super rough managing genie+ reservations. Basically one slip up and there seems to be no forgiveness. I consider myself to be super informed about what rides to book and when and how to optimize and I’m still struggling with a group of 4.

It’s hard to support it or argue against it right now we did get more rides than I ever have before. But it’s also been far more stressful than any other trip we have taken.


I’ll be here for the next 6 months trying to make this make sense because barring a pretty significant growth spurt for one of our twins we’ll be running into this issue on the rides with a 38” height requirement.

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Regular Rider Swap is pretty easy. It’s just the cheating that is hard. :wink: Here’s my summary of Rider Swap in the Genie+ Thread:

So both riding children can ride with each adult? Do I understand that correctly. That seems much more straight forward. Kind of.

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If you have 2 adults and 2 riding children + 1 non-riding child, each adult can ride once, both riding children can ride with the 1st adult, and 1 child can repeat ride with the 2nd adult. So only one member of a party can ride twice. (They used to allow 2-3 repeat riders, but that changed a few months ago.)


Ok ok. That make sense. I may just have both twins skip those rides anyway to avoid confusion on their part. They’re used to not getting to do what their big sister does but they are not used to have different rules between the two of them and I don’t know if Disney is the place I want to introduce that life lesson.


Just curious - how big is their height difference? Any chance by the time you go that the other will catch up (or will be barely tall enough with shoes on)?

About an inch and a half. The smaller one is 37” on the dot today. A full inch in under 6 months feels like a lot to me, but I guess anything is possible. They do tend to have alternating growth spurts and it’s been a while since I bought them new clothes, so maybe this is one of those instances where I’m borrowing trouble and it won’t actually be a thing I need to know.

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An inch in 6 months is a common rate at that age, so it’s definitely possible. Plus, with shoes on, 37.5 or so may even be enough, depending on the heels.


Yes! EE is a must even with Genie+. We did it with MK and HS weeks ago. We rode TSM twice during EE.

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I totally agree! More rides and less waiting in lines are great but it is stressful managing it all day. Not to mention the 2 hours starting at 7:30 am at the front desk when Genie+ showed our whole party was ineligible. Too much time spent on your phone instead of enjoying the parks and your family. How about a Lightning Lanes Pass that allows you to ride at anytime?

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Then people would complain about the queue being too long since many people would show up at the same time.

It worked for paper FP, I don’t remember ever encountering long lines. They were longer with FPP. This system is closer to paper FPs I think, but of course they were free. I agree when people are paying they are going to complain about long waits.

Paper FP had limited return windows, and they controlled how many were given out, not all that different from FPP. They were also limited in that you had to seemingly run an extra several miles to go get your next FPs back then. Today, it is as easy as a screen tap.


They are very similar in the fact that you could only get one at a time and could get another when you’d used the first or after 2 hours, whichever was sooner. So not that much like FPP in my opinion, and closer to Genie + than FPP was.

It did have a 1 hour return window but like BGs, you could actually return anytime after the window opened, even hours later.

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This is a good point, I hadn’t explicitly thought about. But you’re right. G+ is a almost a digital version of paper FP…but without all the running around! :slight_smile:


I bet lots of people didn’t know that, so worked hard to get there within the window.

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