Genie + purchase problem

Anyone else having trouble adding these to their tickets? Was trying to add to our tickets for the end of January, it lets me fill everything out, but after I click “purchase” it just gets hung up on the waiting screen and never goes any further. Any ideas?



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This seems like a usual type of Disney IT glitch that happens from time to time. Try using a different browser or even an incognito browser. Try restarting your computer or even using your phone. If all else fails, call Disney and they can add it.

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Jeff, thanks! Couldn’t get it to work on the computer, no matter what, but it DID work on my phone. (Twin GK get their first shot tomorrow, and by the end of January the adults should be boosted. Starting to think we might actually be able to go. This is the third try - not as comfortable a stay as we’d had planned, because we’d had two bedroom villas booked the other times, but no DVC rental available this time so we’ll be in hotel rooms. Still, the kids have earned some fun, and it should be!)


:crossed_fingers: Good luck! You deserve to go after all the waiting!

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