Genie plus purchase/booking times

I need clarification- arriving at first park Saturday. 1)At what time can I purchase Genie plus for a given day? And can I purchase for everyone in my party even if they have their own MDE accounts(and two rooms). 2) I see lightning lane selection opens at 7am— is that for regular lanes and the ones I’ll purchase like ROR? Can I book paid and unpaid LLs for my whole party even if we are in separate rooms? 3) If so should one of us be in charge of booking the paid LLs and one the first regular Genie+ one? What should our strategy be? Thanks for the help.

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If you’re buying for individual days, you can do it from midnight the night before - I assume for anyone you’re linked to as family and friends but don’t know for sure. If you’re staying onsite, all booking starts at 7am. If you’re offsite, I don’t think you can do the individual paid rides till park open.

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You can buy Genie+ for everyone linked to you, and you can do so at any time after midnight.

At 7am you can book your first Genie+ ride. Again, like FP+, you can select from those who are linked to you and have tickets and park reservations.

If you’re onsite then at 7am you can book both ILL rides for anyone linked to you and also staying onsite. They can be in any park, the onus is on you to make sure you have hoppers or an AP if you book them for a park you don’t have a reservation for.

Anyone staying offsite must wait until the park opens before booking ILLs. I think that means the park you have a reservation for, since you can book them at any park.

So if you’re staying onsite but have a friend who is offsite, you cannot book an ILL for them.

If you’re looking to book an ILL for Rise and also a G+ pass for Slinky, for example, I’d have 2 people booking.


Do we know if they have ever “run out” of genie plus? Basically do you need to stay up to buy first thing to make sure you get it?

No, the service itself will not run out.

However… LL slots for rides can “sell out”. (just like in FPP days)

So you can relax at midnight+…then stress the hell out at 7AM. :frowning:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: you forgot to mention the insomnia symptoms in between relaxing at midnight and stressing at 7. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Oh Disney just nailed our three wishes didn’t they?