Genie+ modifications coming?

Len…I was reading that there is potential changes coming to Genie+ (maybe something similar to Paris)…Is there any truth to this rumor?


(sorry if this was address in another thread but i couldn’t find anything


Perhaps this was being confused with what is being rolled out at Toyko Disney?

Read on another thread that WDW is changing something with Genie+ at WDW within the next couple weeks

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Haven’t seen that. But this was just announced, which is why I’m suggesting perhaps the rumor came from misunderstanding it to apply to WDW when it was meant for Tokyo Disney?

I think people are speculating it may come to WDW too.

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I think that the rumor is this was also coming to Florida

I couldnt find anything else on it either so that why i was hoping someone could substantiate it

I really think they need to address it…WDW and DL are 2 different animals and its not working in WDW


@len, you’re being paged.


I would agree with you. But I don’t know if Disney agrees! :slight_smile: It is making them money.


I see this today:

Now, that’s not something I was planning to use, but I wish they wouldn’t take it away. More people in the pool now for the rest of the stuff.


I think they can make their money AND fix the issues…The reviews cannot be good…Customer satisfaction on this has got to be in the 20% range


I don’t disagree. I’m just suggesting that as long as Disney is actually selling the product (meaning, people are paying for it), they won’t have much motivation to change it.

It is a tricky thing for them to change. Personally, I keep hoping they drop any and all forms of “skip the line” systems. No FP+, no G+, no “something better than G+”, etc. But, I know that will never happen.


I think I read somewhere that on transatlantic flights the economy passengers are really just there to fill the empty space. The profits all come from the business class passengers.

I wonder how much skip-the-line guests contribute to the bottom line of theme parks. I (stupidly) paid over $300 for a single day Express Pass at UOR in March. The deluxe hotels give them away “free” but those room rates are getting out of control and would people stay in those hotels without the Express Passes? I’ve booked Hard Rock for my party of four in December. I would not have done that without the EPs. We would have been perfectly happy at Cabana Bay.


We went in April '21 when there was no FP+ and standby only…I was/am a huge fan of FP+ so i thought i was going to hate it…I have to admit, it wasn’t that bad

We also went Thanksgiving 2021 and it was so bad my 3 teenagers (13, 15, 16) said that was the worst trip they have ever been on and didn’t want to go back (that’s not hyperbole, its true)…I was shocked…I had my DVC page up on tuesday and my daughter saw it and said “dad, we’re not going back there, it was awful” (i was banking my dec 2021 points so we can go to Aulani next summer)

Its a sad state of affairs for my kids to be saying that…


This makes no sense. That’s the park hardest to get anything. They shouldn’t be taking away stuff.

I hate to hear that! What was so bad for them? The waiting or the Genie +?

I thought the same! I can’t figure out the reasoning behind it.

Both…Waking up at 6:45am to make Genie+ selections is not good for teenagers…Our touring typically has been sleep in, pool, lunch in room, parks from 3pm-closing

the app had terrible problems that week if you remember Genie+ Collapsing in Crowds at Disney World - Disney Tourist Blog

Hate to say it but we are done at WDW unless they change it…Ill go to Aulani and then rent my points every year


I think the rumour of changes to Genie+ may have come from the WDWMagic forum. A couple of insiders (one well known, the other newer but has proved pretty reliable so far) posted that changes were coming.

Seems to be that Disney severely underestimated the number of guests who would buy G+. So the system isn’t working as they hoped. In particular they don’t want their on-site guests unhappy, especially deluxe ones.

But it’s bringing in $1m a day (across US parks I think).

So expect changes soon but no real idea what. Price increase, some prebooking for onsite have been considered along with the DLP change.


Yes thats where I read it…I think the Marni1971 guy is the most reliable insider on there and he did not comment on it

I’ve chatted with some of the wdwmagic folks - and what I’ve read between the lines based on my conversations and what they’ve posted publicly:

  • Expect a price increase - soon (and probably not a small one)
  • More perks for resort guests and possibly those who add it onto their ticket (as opposed to purchase it day of)
  • They know the 7AM thing is awful
  • Not the DLP solution - they can’t cannibalize their VIP tours.

A lot of it is still up in the air and nothing is finalized (so take all this with a huge grain of salt), but Disney knows guests are not satisfied, it’s costing them money in guest recovery, and they are working on fixing it. But they want to get it right the second time. But basically they need fewer people to buy it at a higher price point (so they make the same amount of $) and they want to especially keep their resort guests happy.