Genie launched - start date Oct 19th

These will be separate programs. You will not need G+ to access IAS


Does G+ let you choose a ride time for later in the day if you want to save LL use for e.g. second or third ride (like FP+ did), or if you are arriving to park later, or is it always just choosing first available time slot? I assume the fancy ride purchases will let you choose the time, I just was wondering if the same for G+.

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The way G+ has been described is like MaxPass, where you are assigned the first available time and can’t modify to a later time or pick a time slot. Of course, that is all subject to change until it debuts, or even after.


But to clarify, you see this time before you select it.


Yes you must be able to.

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Today, is a perfect example of why I’m hyped for G+. I think it really will make Disney be more accurate about their posted times.

Right now, FOP is posting a 90 minute wait and TP says it’s 11 minutes actual…

Who is accurate? There’s no way either of these is correct. Disney can’t have people seeing 90 minutes waits posted and feeling pressured to buy into G+ when the reality is under 20 minutes.

(I will say that TP did put out a blog this week saying they have underestimated the waits lately)


Based on the amount of people here at AK, I’d go with at least 60.


Exactly my point! I guess I’m more disappointed with TP than Disney. I knew, from my years of experience here, that an 11 minute FOP queue one hour after opening was “off”.

However, if I was a newer user I’d have been very frustrated.

I guess next week begins the “Who does it better?” debate… :crazy_face: :rofl:

I’m going to absolutely love it if they become symbiotic in benefiting each other.


I think we need to cut TP some slack. The crowd patterns this year are unlike anything before. As they said in their post, early October was lower than expected, so they assumed that late October would be as well, but attendance has picked up quite a bit in the last week.


If this helps anyone, reading through the TP FAQ, it strikes me how much this resembles the old paper FastPass system in use back when I went in 2000. Show up at the ride, put in your key card, get a ticket when to come back, occupy yourself with something else while you wait. I think what we usually did was wait on another rides’ standby line which was tolerable because we knew we were going to skip the next line. Basically two rides for one wait.

The only difference being that Genie is paid of course, and you can stack tickets in the new system if the return times are far enough out.


You could stack paper FPs too.



I am so excited to read all of the reports when Genie is dropped tomorrow. Our trip is in May and I will be taking copious notes. Thank you in advance to everyone who shares their experiences.