Genie+ (In case we don't get DAS)

Genie+ isn’t going to work as well as DAS does for us, but seeing all the reports of people now getting denied who’ve had it in the past, I’m starting to scramble for a plan B.

We are going in late January during a ‘lower’ crowd week (not that that means much anymore), and I’ve used TP to choose the park days with the lowest crowd rating on that particular day. We have two days in EP and two days in MK, one in HS and one in AK. It’s possible we won’t do many roller coasters as we’re bringing a four year old who hasn’t decided if he likes them or not. But, also because of him, we tend to rope drop and leave around dinnertime, about 5/6 PM, so we don’t generally get full park days either.

I’m thinking we might be able to get away with just doing Genie+ for HS. Of course, we’ve never had to entertain him in an hour-long line because we had DAS for his only trip, so I really don’t know how realistic that’s going to be anyway. I’m old hat at touring plans, so I know how to best maximize rope drop at least.

Is it doable? We could do G+ all days but it would be tight, financially, and we’d probably have to drop other plans we had like the fireworks dessert party or my milestone birthday dinner at a signature to compensate. :frowning:


There are reports of some adults/Kids still qualifying- but the best you can do if you don’t qualify is plan accordingly. Sounds like you’re well on your way. Keep your big plans birthday dinner & dessert party those are things that make the trips IMO special.


If it were me, I would trade the dessert party for more G+ days, but every family (and kid) is different.

My kids (ages 9 and 6.5) enjoyed the dessert party when they were 4.5 and 2, but we have skipped the dessert party the past 3 trips due to cost and the amount of time it takes up. We may do the dessert party against sometime but it is not a priority for us. We would not skip G+ for MK, EP and HS … too many long lines for the kids with G+.