Genie+ / ILL on slowest week of the year

We are going to WDW for 10 days from 4th September, which I understand is the quietest time of the year. We should be touring each park on two days, once using Early Theme Park Entry and once later in the day so we can stay in the evenings (including using EETPH where available).

I’m just reading the Unofficial Guide and want to understand if we will even need to bother using Genie+ or ILL at that time of year.

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You have 8 park days?

I would not Genie+

I might consider ILL$ - most especially for ROTR which goes down often and then perhaps for Tron and Tiana’s Bayou Adventure as well

But with 8 park days at that time of year with the plans you have around times to arrive/depart each day, I don’t think you’d find G+ to be necessary


The one park where I might consider G+ is Hollywood Studios on the day you arrive later in the day. Even with low crowds the waits there can be long, especially in the afternoon. You have enough days that you may not mind, but here were the waits at that time last year according to thrill data:

Other than that I agree with @OBNurseNH about the occasional ILL. For me I would definitely buy ROTR and GOTG (I ride it as many times as I can) and TIana’s if needed. You can rope drop FOP and hop in line for it at the end of the night.


This is a really good point and I agree about the stacking for HS evenings. When I have done this the evenings have been SO lovely. Just floating from thing to thing, no hurry no worry.


Right?! So nice. And if you rope drop HS, and don’t rope drop ROTR, you can knock out at least 3 rides before the waits get bad. So not needed. But without RD, it can be :flushed:


If you are an Unofficial Guide reader and a Touring Plans subscriber, you don’t need G+. Rope drop and use the touring plans either in the guide book on here on the website.

Buy ILL if there is anything you must absolutely do (like RotR), but with 8 days, that isn’t really necessary, either. Not this past summer, but the one before it, we were are the front of the rope drop crowd when HS opened 30 minutes before the posted early entry morning, hit RotR first, then headed straight to Slinky. Both rides has less than 15 minute waits, and we did both and were in line for Smugglers’ Run before dayguests were even allowed in the park.

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Thanks everyone for your help. That makes life so much easier. We haven’t been to WDW for over 10 years so I’ve a lot of catching up to do and the thought of grappling with Genie + was worrying :frowning:

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