Genie+ change speculation

Len has mentioned changes to Genie+ in the works, likely coming in early 2023, in addition to the elimination/reduction in park reservations (which sounds imminent based on the details being published by the more speculative Disney blogs).

What are the rumors/speculation about what Genie+ changes might be coming?

Selfishly, I would love to see a full reversion to FastPass+ because it was a system I understood and could get maximum utility out of (and Touring Plans had tons of data and was thus optimized for). But I don’t think Disney can afford to give up the revenue stream, so I doubt that’s an option. A true premium ($$$) system like Universals Express Pass where the price keeps demand low, also seems unlikely given the reporting on Iger’s apparent displeasure with Chapek’s price increases.

So…what’s really on the table and will it solve the pain points around guest experience? What are you hoping for?


I also would love either going back to FP+ or doing a Universal style pass… especially if deluxe hotels offered it for free/discount. I am not holding my breath for either scenario, but until something changes, we’ve got no WDW plans on the books.

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The biggest complaints are:

  • having to wake up at 7am
  • not being able to pick return times
  • not having an “amend” button so you don’t have to cancel to book another attraction
  • limiting sales so ride availability is better

I would also love for it to go back to FastPass+. I don’t see why they can’t go back to that system, but keep the price tag. I mean, I would prefer for it to be free, but if I have to pay for something, I want it to be more like FastPass+:

  • advanced booking
  • onsite booking advantages
  • re-rides
  • choice in return times

I would also be down for an Express Pass style option too. Not as the only option, but as an additional option.


Choice of return times for me, please.


Originally, way back before they announced Genie+ at D23 of 2019, various possibilities were considered.

The word from those in the know at that time was that they had settled on onsite guests getting some kind of advance booking, perhaps being able to book passes on the first day for the whole of your stay. But alternatively that could have been tied to the level of resort.

There was also talk of “bundles” of passes, a little like at Shanghai I believe. So maybe for the MK mountains, or for the Star Wars rides. (That said, the bundles at Shanghai tend to include a top tier, a middle tier and then a throwaway one).

This is my only real complaint other than it costs extra

I do prefer advance planning and picking times but the wake-up thing is the worst


Number 2 for us. Top Complaint for my family is not picking return times. We never go to the parks before 2pm. Resort guests should be allowed to book something in advance. For eg, instead of having to get up at 7am every day of your vacation, let them pick their first Genie+ and ILL ride each day and choose return times a week in advance to take the place of that 7am rule that they now have to do. This would be a huge change for the better while solving some major flaws then they are like everyone else, can book second ride 120 mins after park open or if they use their original selection.

For me, getting up early to book the first LL at 7:00 am is the worst part of Genie+. And now that Genie+ can’t no longer be purchased in advance, the daily purchase of Genie+ between Midnight and 7:00 am is my second biggest complaint.

Given that demand for the top rides far exceeds the supply of seats each day, any FP/LL system is going to have an issue with the number of times each guest rides the top rides, but WDW doesn’t have to make it so we are exhausted each day from the booking process.


All of this.


So much of G+ bothers me and I hope they change. Particularly 7am, surge pricing and not knowing the price until day of. Those three combined take advantage of peoples emotions in ways that are manipulative.


This is also :poop:


Exactly. Just charge for the FPP system. And then you’d know the price in advance too.


For me it’s the ability to not reride. Several of my family members don’t fit/or don’t like to ride certain rides, so being able to ride something several times in a day is definitely a plus.

Not being able to buy in advance. DW is an expensive trip and adding $200 everyday is not possible.

And having to get up at 7am to get it. So stupid.

I was DL AP so I am used to not picking my FP/ILL return time.


If that reservation system was/is so totally informative that they can’t possibly abandon it completely, why can’t they decide what the price will be BEFORE the day? :upside_down_face:

Translation: day of purchase only, so they can surprise you with a surge price is bs.

So is the 7am only.


Not knowing the price until midnight the day before is 100% BS.

If they allow rerides they might have to do a tier system - so you get a top tier ride allotment based on the number of top attractions in the park, but you can ride any ride with those allotments. More allotments for park hoping. But mewbies would find it to confusing. No reason to NOT allow rwrides at DLR.

I liked selecting times at WDW (buy not 60 days out) but liked Max Pass at DLR - why they changed it, I do not know.


I keep thinking Genie+ will become the new “free dining” promotion as a way to get hotel rooms filled during slower times…


Scrap it completely and install a Universal-style system, possibly with tiers. Almost going back to the original system: A ticket, B ticket etc.

I know we all love it but holidays should not be exercises in military planning. Especially not on the day.

Top tier pass: All LLs all day with re-rides
Next level: All LLs all day once only
Other options: All LLs after 2pm only — this tier free for deluxe guests

Tiers options: three tiers — A (ROTR, FOP, etc), B (Space, BTM, EE, etc), C (IASW, POTC, Pooh, etc).

Date-based pricing, published in advance, purchased in advance or same day. Subject to availability. Maybe single park versions and multi-park versions.


This is basically what Club 33 members and VIP tour guests get, so they may be pissed. But it’s what UOR offers for between about $100 and $300 per person per day.

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We did the bundle in Shanghai. It was great.

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