Genie+ at the Airport?

I am wondering… can I order Genie+ from the airport the the morning of my trip (I do have onsite hotel reservations for that day, park tickets & reservations for the park)?

I leave the North East at dawn, arriving in Orlando at 1 PM, then likely to Magic Kingdom for 6-7. I was thinking I could order Genie+ at the airport, select my first ride at 7 AM when they allow resort guests to select their first ride, then 120 minutes after the park opens select another ride, then 120 minutes after that select another one, etc. So I have stacked Genie+ rides for the evening I arrive. Is this allowed?

If not, it is fine. I’ll just do shows/fireworks/etc. at Magic Kingdom that first day. Crowds are at an 8 that day, so I won’t want to standing in long lines after traveling all day. Thought I’d ask, just in case.

Yes you can buy G+ any time after midnight on the day of your park reservation.


From anywhere.


Yup you can schedule your first attraction from anywhere at or after 7AM. It’s not geo-locked at all.


That’s really amazing. I am so happy to hear this. I’m going to try it. :heart_eyes:

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Not only is it allowed, but it is a great plan. HS is my preferred park for an evening stacking plan, but you could do it at any park.


I purchased my genie plus. Had an issue chatted with a CM, and booked my first LL all while we were on the runway and taking off lol…anywhere is correct lol