Genie + and ILL

Hi folks - its been awhile since I last joined. But have a tripped planned! :slight_smile:

This question has probably already been asked but I’m having trouble finding an answer on my own.
I understand that Genie + is different than the Individual Lightning Lanes in terms of booking.

Can you book ILL and then also a Genie + at 7:00 am. So essentially if I did two ILL and then One Genie + could I get 3 ride reservations at 7:00 am.

I understand that may not be necessary. I am just asking if that is how it works.
Thanks so much! I always appreciate this group.


You are correct.


Book the Genie+ LL first though, as they advance faster than ILLs. And book VQ before anything!!


Only if you are staying on site that day, at a Disney-owned resort, Swan/Dolphin/Reserve, or Shades of Green.

Off-site have to wait until the official park opening time of desired park.