Genie and DAS

Is there any reason to purchase Genie if you will be using a DAS pass? I’m thinking it won’t be necessary?

I have seen reports on other forums where folks used them together, and they worked well, but they say if you are trying to avoid criss- crossing the park, you may not want both. We have DAS for our trip next week, but after going back and forth, I think that I have decided against Genie+. It will be me alone with my 3 kids, and juggling DAS return times, G+, and ILL all at the same time on my phone(not to mention mobile orders) would for sure mean that I would be staring at a phone constantly. I would rather be slightly more present with my kids:)

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I’m doing both - but we plan to be there over a holiday weekend. A recent report on another blog I follow most people reported they did not need both, even when they had purchased Genie + and felt they didnt’ need it.

Yep I’m seeing guests use a combo in daily reports on TP’s WDW Chat.

I used a combo. Typically, the longer waits we used DAS and shorter ones we used Genie+ so we could easily grab out next ride relatively quickly.

I do not plan on using Genie+ with DAS. It’s too much back and forth like someone mentioned, and for us, being over-scheduled is just as bad as having no schedule at all.


I would love to hear how your trip goes. We’ll be going in May and we are planning to do the same - DAS with no Genie+. I think trying to juggle Genie+ would probably frustrate us and hitting a wall would come on faster.

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I may live trip report.
I did one on our last visit, but the adult-to-child ratio was more in my favor that time:) At the very least, I will try to do a recap each night.

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I would also love to hear how it goes. We are going in March and trying to decide on this as well. The only thing that I am thinking this might be useful for is trying to use G+ to get times for the rides that my son won’t go on, but his sister loves. There are not a huge number of them, but if he won’t ride we can’t use a return time for those.

That is a good point. I am lucky that my child with DAS is both the oldest and (oddly) the least risk averse. There are a few rides that I am going to let he and his sister(14/12) ride alone while I ride something else standby with my youngest(7). Kind of the opposite of your dilemma. It would probably depend on how popular the rides are that your daughter wants to ride…

He is definitely the more risk averse. They are twins but complete opposites! She loves rides like TOT, RNR, Splash (because of the drop) and EE. Those are a huge no go for him. So unfortunately, popular rides.

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This was a really useful thread. Thanks!

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