Genie+ After Test Track Closes June 17 (GOTG on the Move?)

Any rumors or thoughts on what the state of genie Plus will be at Epcot after test track shuts down? Most days it seems like you really only are guaranteed 1 of the 3 headliners (tt,fea,remy). Losing test tracks capacity might make it hard to even get 1, especially on a busy day.

Will GOTG leave ILL and add capacity and demand for genie Plus? Do they lower g+ prices to account for less rides? Maybe add more meet and greets to g+?


I don’t see GotG leaving the ILL market any time soon. They could add meet and greets and premium firework viewing spots to the lineup. It will be interesting because Epcot has so few headliners.


This is a very good question but I agree they will leave GotG alone and have to come up with some other solution to address the discrepancy in value.

Maybe they lower the price of G+ for Epcot :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


My opinion … WDW will keep GOTG as ILL and not lower the G+ price to account for less rides. As for adding meet and greats to G+ … I could potentially see the Mickey meet and great or the Anna/Elsa meet and great added, but more likely, nothing is added to G+.


You should be able to get 2 of the headliners no problem. Hopefully you get a 9am ish for one and go there early and then book next.

Maybe they’ll add Club Cool to G+.