Genie accounts for everyone?

We have a PP hotel package with 3-day PH and G+ coming up in mid-September. How do we manage the Disney app for both members of our party? I’ve seen how separate accounts can be linked for WDW, but not DL. Do we use one account to log into the app from each cell phone? does that work for the room key functionality as well?

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Two ways:

  1. everyone can share a username and password and all log into the same account. Works well if you don’t mind others having access to use your credit card.

  2. Each person can log into their own account and then scan to link each other’s tickets. One person opens their ticket on their phone (or use a paper ticket or eticket) and the other scans it using the steps from the screenshots below:

From there a scanner comes up and uses your phones camera to scan the other person’s ticket. Repeat until every person has linked every other person’s tickets to themselves. You can now make LLs for each other.

Note that dining reservations do not pop up for everyone - only the person who makes them. They aren’t generally linked to individuals like at WDW.

Thanks Jeff - hope you two had a great weekend!

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We are having a great time - thank you!

If we do option 1, will there be any issues entering/hopping the park(s)? I assume both tickets will be there - they just scan them one at a time from the same phone? Our ‘Travel ePackage’ is available this upcoming week, so I don’t have any tickets yet to work with…

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Nope, no problem at all. It’s as if everyone has access to your phone.