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Am a new user, had the subscription 1 day :slight_smile: AM planning a trip for November 2019 and are doing 3 weeks in Orlando. Week 1 is “non Disney” and we have a 14 Day UOR ticket. Weeks 2 and 3 are On site at Disney. My question is what is the best way to try and use the tools to plan this? At the moment I have a “1 week trip” with “Universal resort” parks selected in the tool, Then I have a seperate 2 Week plan with WDW parks selected. However because I have a 14 Day ticket to UOR and also a 14 Day Ticket to WDW, in my “middle week”, I may want to do both WDW and UOR days. Is there anyway to make a single 3 week long plan being able to add in places from both WDW and UOR?

Many thanks and am already enjoying all the features and reviews etc :smiley:


No they have to be separate trips. I usually make my Universal trip the full 2 weeks and just make touring plans for wherever we’ll be. You’ll have blank days on the WDW dashboard when you’re at Universal and vice versa.


Thanks for such a quick response :smiley:


You’re welcome :blush:


I see that the very lovely and capable @missoverexcited has already answered your question. I just want to chime in and offer a warm welcome! We are happy to help with all of your planning needs! :smiley: