General look at recent trip 3/1-3/14 2018

Just got back from two week trip to WDW and thought I would add a few comments. First off we stayed at PoR and the room I faxed was not the room I received. Big surprise there as it rarely is. On the plus side though I did get part of the request which was Magnolia Bend, Magnolia Terrace. 8522. Couple negitives-- Room was nice but the nice coverlets on the beds are gone. Plain white bedding but beds were very comfortable and warm. Lost some of the magic tough without the coverlets. Found a hair dryer in the room but it was fried, and I mean literally fried. Didn’t work and that was good. They replaced it with a new one but did not take the old one instead just leaving it there. Dangerous. Had to call housekeeping to have the maids quit knocking on the door at early morning even though the Occupied sign was out. Got that taken care of. Oh yes, we were toward the back of the building and for some reason there was a bad smell in that area, I a dead animal or like someone heaved. Never found out what is was. Main pool closes at 8pm though I thought it used to close at 10pm. Didn’t matter anyway as the nights were too cold to swim. Two week cold spell, my luck. Back to the 80’s when we left. Food at the parks was good but quality seems to have went down a bit. Fastpasses were a must as parks were crowed and lines were long. Won’t even talk about the line at FoP though the ride was awesome. It may just be me but it seems like Disney is cutting back on everything and losing a little bit of the magic. Money talks I guess and it seems that’s where the cutbacks are coming from. BTW I understand the Disney is putting a LOT of money into Disney Paris so maybe the Europeian’s will be looking there in the future. We love to have you here in the States but it must be quite expensive to fly all this way. I think I have said enough as I only wanted to point out a few things I noticed. WDW is still a Magical Place and I am not trying to rain on anyones parade. I know I will keep going and in the long run it is still a place to find a little time out of the real world. Fantasy over. For Now!


Glad to hear you still had a magical time! Missed seeing your posts especially responding to @profmatt. Wonder what you’ll share with him in his Is the Is the magic fading? post.

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I have followed him and he appears to have more experience out here than I. Everyone has his or her view on if the magic is fading for them. Many like other theme parks better than WDW or wish to branch out in what appeals to them. The more you go to WDW the more the experience becomes a little less attractive. Given an amount of time though and the creation of new attractions, the magic reappears. It will never be like the first time but that is with almost everything in life. Here is the reason I and my wife go to WDW instead of other attractions in Florida. We are from ND and we are both in our 60’s. I plan the trip myself via the web. The airline takes our luggage and the next time we see it is when Disney has it delivered to the room. (not always on time but so far it has gotten there). We fly to MCO and take the Magical Express to our resort of choice. Once their I have planned our TS meals 6 month’s ahead of time. We take Disney’s transportation exclusively. We may go to a theme park or we may do Disney Springs or sit at the resort all day. It is up to us and that freedom to do so is nice. At the end of the trip we bring our luggage to the resort airline check-in and once again Disney takes care of it for boarding at MCO. The Magical Express takes us back to MCO and we fly home. On arriving at home terminal we pick up our luggage and the trip is over. The thing is for us this is as simple as it gets. WDW takes care of our lodging and things to do while we are there. All meals are eaten on property whether planned ahead or on the go such a QS. Now if you look at other vacations there seems to be a lot of planning getting there and while there. This is not relaxation to us. We will be back come this August do to a vacation deal. We will be taking our Grandson of 16 for the first time. New Magic! The attractions will be the same for the most part but seen from an entirely new prospective. So “Is the magic fading?” yes, somewhat, but it is far from gone so you can bet like every Disney fan we will keep coming back. Will there be experience I don’t like? Probably, but not enough to warrant staying away from the most Magical place on earth. Share the Magic and have a Magical life. :star_struck:


I agree with all you said and that’s why my family and I will be back too! It’s still magical to us!