Gems " to be caught"

Where do you get "believable" gems to be caught during Philaharmagic? Looking all over and I'm only finding glass type beads.

I think many folks find them at Michael's craft store - have you tried there?

Not yet. That'll be my next stop. Do you know if they have the "gem" like shape? Thank you.

We got a ruby and a diamond both at Michael's, both gem shaped and quite believable. In the floral section.

I just got mine at Michael's last week. It is a big red diamond-shaped gem that was near the floral section, near the smaller rocks/gems that you put in vases. It was about $6, about the size of a fist or a doorknob, and pretty heavy.

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Anyone with picture to share?

Here it is on top of a standard piece of paper (to show size). Hope this helps!

Wow!! The kids will love it.... Now where to hide it wink

Did you find it? My daughter will probably be a little young to fully "get" it (she'll be almost 3 when we go in a month), but this will be our last trip for awhile and after reading about this on Lines I couldn't resist. The next time we go in a few years she'll be tall enough to do Soarin', so I'll probably do the golf ball trick then.

My mom (62) is traveling with us this year (Aug 19-25). She's taking the place of my husband who has to stay home and tend to our business and chocolate lab wink So, she just picked it up from Michael's. She's very excited about doing the catching for twins 5 and 13 year old grandchildren. She also picked up golf ball. In 8 trips to WDW we have never done it. I do think the twins especially will fall for it hook, line and sinker! Thanks for all you info @eriinfo

She added a "pearl" necklace for female twin because there's also one of those in the show.

Sounds fantastic! I bet they'll love all the stuff you guys "catch". Glad your mom was able to find the gems, plus all the other stuff.

Take a black sharpie and draw on a Mickey head!

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Hobby Lobby has a great selection of believable glass gems, also near the floral section.