GE - 1/9/20 w/o FP

I’m a big Star Wars fan who has yet to visit Galaxy’s Edge. I will find myself on-property for a work-related trip the week of Jan. 6, 2020, with a possible “free day” on Thurs, Jan. 9th.

I won’t know about the free day for sure for another 7-10 days. So if the free day does come to pass, I will have missed the opening of my 30-day FP booking window.

But will that really matter if G.E. is my only goal that day? Neither ride is (or will be) eligible for FP, anyway, right? And WDW isn’t requiring advance booking of an entry window into the land, correct?

I guess I am wondering if booking late really puts me at a disadvantage as far as G.E. goes right now? Or am I pretty much on equal footing with the folks who booked months ago?

Please and thank you!

No disadvantage. If it’s an EMH day that day you’ll have longer lines so try to avoid that.


You can try to book an Oga’s Cantina reservation, it is on reservation finder, you don’t need a ticket to book and cancellation is free. If you want to build a Droid or a lightsaber the same thing applies, although I don’t know if they are on reservation finder. People with any of those reservations will be able to enter the land even when it has already reached capacity (which hasn’t happened since opening day).

For the rides you should be on an equal footing.