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We have just booked a trip to Disneyland for May of next year. We will be a party of 7 with one disabled individual and three children. We will also need 2 vehicles since we will have 2 car seats, a wheelchair, and luggage. On our last trip we used Lansky, but they no longer have a car in their fleet. Can anyone recommend a car service for airport transportation to and from GCH?


@Amy11Russ had recent experience. I believe @Bubblez helped her find one. Maybe one of them can chime in.



@Amy11Russ and I both used and enjoyed Executive. For me they were prompt, and had excellent communication.



Disney uses Karmel Shuttle which seats up to nine in a private van.

Thank you.

Question: If my flight is scheduled to land at 12:27pm, what time would I tell them to p/u me.

And, on the return trip (to LAX) what time would I want them to p/u me?

The rates don’t seem to ask flight info – perhaps it asks once i select a rate and start actually booking? I would assume they would monitor for day-of changes?

As for coming in, I’m pretty sure Amy said that they had asked for her flight info and could monitor and adjust accordingly. I know pre-pandemic the flight info and my name/payment stuffs was all I had to give. They’ll know timing better than any of us tbh.

For the return trip, it’s LA and traffic can be pretty crazy. Going into the city in the morning and leaving the city at the end of the workdays were usually the worst times, but my info could be completely dated.

I would suggest calling the company direct and asking them something like “I’m heading to LAX and I’d like to get there 2 hours ahead of my flight, when would you suggest I get picked up by?”

I haven’t been on much, but I’ll be checking in for your end of day/trip thoughts! :yellow_heart: I’m that nervous parent wanting my home park to perform well! :rofl: :rofl:


This is accurate in my experience. They will usually wait in the cell phone lot then you can text them when you have your baggage.

I would suggest leaving GCH at least 1 hour before you want to be at the airport, so normally 3 hours before flight departure, unless you like to live dangerously. :wink:


That was my estimation. Good to see I was on target

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I agree with this. Plan on 1 hour to get there, and another 2 before your flight at the airport if it is LAX. If it’s SNA, you can take a Lyft an hour and a half before your flight, and still get there and through security with too much time to wait and realize you could have stayed at Disneyland longer, right @Julianne_fki? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I was just writing basically the same thing. You save SO much time going to SNA - not just actual time saved, but buffer time. I plan to arrive at SNA more like 1 hour before vs. 2 at LAX, plus it’s closer to DLR so you don’t need as big a buffer for traffic, etc.

Yes but the flights are not an option for us to there. It was my preference, having heard this from the lot of you, but did not work for our dates and airlines and market.

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Yes, I recall. Sorry to gloat! It’s the one leg up we west coasters have in the Disney conversation. :joy: