GCH Craftsman Bar, Trader Sams - reservations?

I was looking for random reservations the other day and notice that GCH Craftsman Bar showed up here and there. I thought this was walkup? Do we need a ressie to eat here? I am hoping not!!

I noticed a similar thing for Trader Sam’s.

Help? (and :pray: )

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So weird the way they are doing this now. You do need a reservation to sit at a table and eat. But the bar is walk up and you can order and sit there . Last trip our train was late and we missed our reservation. The place was packed so they couldn’t accommodate us but we walked right up to the bar and ordered and sat for a bit. My second favorite after Trader Sam’s. Trader Sam’s is also reservation but a walk up VQ is offered too Also last trip I walked right in there at opening. No reservation. Ordered a drink but sat outside on the patio.

I really went in for the mandatory Trader Sam’s restroom selfie :rofl:


Lol selfie

Thanks for this. I would rather do both on the walk up basis. Especially GCH Craftsman Bar as that is the tentative “on arrival” plan.

Also :heart_eyes: the coasters. Here is my refrigerator right now, and I will look forward to adding to it!!


I collect all the coasters too!! :heart_eyes: At LLL they will give you a whole set if you ask. :heart:


Added this to my list.


So funny thing about this pic.

I thought the bag - your back (Rocket??) was a suitcase belonging to the man who is behind it. And I was like, "What the heck are those huge round things? Is that some kind of … ?? I don’t know what … with the GCH logo on it?

After looking at it for a few mins I realized it’s not his large suitcase, but your small backpack and those are coasters :woman_facepalming:

Maybe I need to have my eyes checked…