Since he’s not an option on the plan, anyone know how long to plan to meet Gaston and what times he is normally available? We have breakfast at BOG on 10/12 and I’m wondering if he would be available around 10am and how long we should plan to wait. Any ideas?

He should be there by 10, I would plan on being there about 20 minutes or so. Get to the Tavern a little early. He’s definitely worth the wait!

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We saw him in May at 10am. We got some snacks from Gaston’s Tavern and got in line around 9:40 or so. We were the fourth group and they ended up closing the line. My girls love Beauty and the Beast and my 6 year old thought he was hilarious!

Best one we have every done. They closed line not long after he arrived. We were 4th or 5th 20 minutes early. When he came out he accused my 6yo son of working for the blondes and trying to steal pictures of him. My son started crying and was very upset. Gaston went to the tavern and came back out. Gaston ordered a cinnamon roll and Lefou brew. I had to take my son out of line he was so upset. When the order did no come right out he stopped the meet and greet and got the items out of the tavern. Gaston brought them to him and apologized. The whole thing was quite a show

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Our BOG reservation is at 9. If we get there a few minutes early and have preordered our food, would we be out in time?

Per Kenny the Pirate’s site, Gaston is out for 30 minutes at a time with 20 minute breaks. He starts at 10. The site lists the times. Lines can get long, and there’s not much chance for shade or protection from rain. But he’s fun!

Challenge him to a pushup contest. You won’t win. Youtube that. It’s hilarious.