Gasp! I can't find my BOG lunch FPP. : (

I made it.I know I did. Gahhhh! It’s not in my dining ADR’s,not in my FPP list, what gives? Help!

Don’t panic! It won’t show up in either of those places. It should show up if you log back into the site where you made the FPP. At least mine did in Dec/Jan.

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Wow, I had to re-do it. It didn’t take the first time. I printed it out this time though, so hopefully that will help. Thanks!

I’m glad you checked! Enjoy your lunch. We really liked it.

This has happened to me several times. You will probably have to reorder upon arrival too. Be sure to print out your info to show them if it disappears again.

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Wow, @B_squared, that’s a bummer that you had to reorder. We’ve only done it once, but it worked great. My family was amazed at how fast the process was. We’re hoping to preorder again in Jan. Hope it works!

Yeah, twice I’ve pre-ordered, then had to re-order in person, and the CM at the kiosk said that was very common and predicted it would happen before it ever did! But not a big deal, still went pretty quickly. :slight_smile:

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At least you were able to bypass the line. The line was very long when we were there, so I’m sure we saved at least half an hour or more.

Yes, exactly!!! So nice to go right inside!

try going back and taking a screen shot. That way you have it on your phone and you don’t have to keep up with the piece of paper.