Garretts Go – Day 6 – Epcot!

10/11 – Epcot. The CL decreased from 6 to 5 the day we left. This day, we are focusing on the second half of the World Showcase, some souvenirs and maybe another ride on Soarin.

TP says we will finish early, so we are planning to check out Disney Springs and the VOID afterwards. My DSS is super excited for the VOID. We watched a couple videos on it because he’s not really into Star Wars (we don’t know where we went wrong), and I wanted to make sure he’d still want to do it – I got an emphatic yes. He is really into VR right now and is REALLY looking forward to it.

I know two of my FPP are not necessary, but I figured it was better to have 3 than 1. It just felt horribly wrong to leave them there. FPP for FEA, Pixar Short Films, and Journey (I don’t have all my abbreviations down, obviously!)


Have a great day!

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Thank you!

Can’t wait to hear what you think - we are doing it on Tuesday!!

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Currently at the bus line at Disney Springs after the Void. We thought it was great! The graphics were really really good. Totally worth it. Everyone in my group loved it!

Btw, the buses here have an ad that says to mention the Void to get a free photo. I had to ask, but we got our photo. Highly recommend.


Where are we going next?:wink:

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Tonight - feet up o the bed at POP. next two days - Animal Kingdom! FOP tomorrow!

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what is the photo of? We are so excited to try it!

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Here’s ours:


I was too tired to update last night. I think yesterday was our favorite day so far!

We finished the rides in Future World yesterday. We rode Mission Space - Green. We are all happy to be chickens on that one! Lol. We rode the Figment ride, and watched the Pixar shorts. They were adorable. We’d even seen those before, but still liked watching them again.

Next, we tried cronuts and used our FPP for FEA. That was a very cute ride! I was surprised to see a 30 min wait time for standby there, but it was back up to 45 as we left.

DSS had his eye on a very expensive raincoat in the Norway Pavillion, so we finally let him spend his money on that , and then enjoyed the rest of World Showcase.

Canada and the UK were nice. We spotted Mary Poppins greeting her friends.

Next stop was France. We were starving at this point, but didn’t see anything we wanted to try. DH was planning to try the escargot croissant, but chickened out. Lol. We watched the acrobats for a while. Then, we popped into the bakery to decide if wanted a sandwich. We didn’t, but we got dessert instead. Omg. The tarts were phenomenal. France is the only Pavillion where we’ve had trouble with communication. On our arrival day, we got ice cream in France and my DH couldn’t get the cashier to understand he wanted a waffle bowl. This time, I was trying to convert a QS into 3 snack credits. I’m not sure what the clerk did, but I was too tired to care at that point.

Rain briefly fell while we were eating, but it wasn’t very heavy. DSS16 got to try out his nice, expensive Norwegian raincoat. Lol

We visited Morocco and Japan next. These were beautiful pavilions and we enjoyed the drumming too. We would have eaten at the QS in Japan, but all we’d had were sweets and we wanted something boring and familiar. Luckily, the next stop was the American Pavillion. We would have liked to have seen the shows here, but skipped them for time. DSS16 had ANOTHER footling with Mac and cheese. This was his 3rd Mac and cheese dog. Lol


DH and I split a meal in the American Pavillion, because he really wanted another brat from Germany. On our way out, we got that and a cuckoo clock in Germany that i’d had my eye on.

Next, we went to Disney Springs for the Void. DS looks lovely. If we weren’t already tired, we would’ve stayed longer. The Void was superb. I highly recommend it. The graphics were amazingly real. I almost suggested we go again, but our feet we screaming. Lol. We headed over to D-Luxe burger. The burgers were good, but the cashier didn’t charge us with the dining plan. I should have made her correct it, but I just wanted to sit down already. That was probably a poor choice, but there it was.

Overall, it was lovely day.


You and your son got some great souvenirs! Tell him he looks great in his raincoat- very European- and he has very good taste.

Both of you will get lots of use out of your purchases in the years to come. Practical souvenirs are my favorite. I still have a beach towel I bought on Broadway at Les Mis in 7th grade. I still use it and I still get compliments on it, and I bought it over 25 years ago!


Ok, I really want to do the Void and I think DS10 would love it. But I have a question. How disorienting is it with the VR gear on? Do you think folks with balance issues might have a hard time navigating with it? Is there a lot of movement involved? (ok, that was more than one question!)

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Thanks! Everybody is telling him how great he looks. Lol. He definitely has great taste. I love that clock too. I was thinking I can always remember my trip when I look at it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good question. I expected more disorientation to be honest. My mom had some stability issues from neuropathy though and she may have had issues. She had issues with no gear sometimes.

I think it depends on the nature of your physical issues. I saw another player there with a wheelchair. I was always able to grab something to hang onto when I reached out and also had a free hand, so you could probably hang onto a cane if you wanted. I think the best thing to do is ask the staff. They were super helpful. I’d probably call in advance and ask them about your specifics. My guess would be that it’s doable, but might be best in a wheelchair or EV.

Oh to add onto that. “Lots of movement” is a bit subjective. I think the whole thing was 20-30 minutes. We walked into about three rooms. Then, there was standing and shooting. We had packs on - they weren’t too heavy. Standing the entire time and a bit of walking. Not far though. For the intro, we were sitting - about five minutes.

Very helpful, thanks! Neuropathy is the issue for both me and DS (we both have a condition called CMT). I don’t use any assisted devices when at Disney (yay!) but the balance, disorientation is what has me worried about these things because I have trouble standing upright under the best of circumstances sometimes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think I’ll give DS the option and see if DH will do it solo with him as his hasn’t progressed to the severity of mine yet. He loves the idea of VR and I think he’d really enjoy it and I’d rather not risk it.

Thank you!

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No problem at all. I totally get that. Its not that fun if you fall! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have no neuropathy issues and no real balance issues but do get vertigo on occasion so I was unsure how this would go. I will say that it is so so realistic (but my brain knew I was in a small room) that I was tentative when walking from scene to scene. But that was fine, walking slowly doesn’t really impact things. Other than moving from room to room (short distances and only a few rooms), I felt like I was so immersed in the story that I was never bothered by anything! If you or anyone else tries it, I hope you love it - it was incredible!