Garretts Go – Day 4 – MK and BOG!


10/9 – MK. CL 3. The park closes at 6 for another party, but I’m pretty happy with our touring plan. We are basically splitting the park in half. Planning the second day for Tommorowland and Fantasyland.

We need the rest by now and might want to go swimming at the hotel and do some laundry. DH was originally thinking we may want to add another party day here, but we’re ready for a break. We’ve got FPP for Buzz, SM, and 7DMT. The route had less walking before I added the BOG lunch, but I had to tweak a couple FPP times. We also might skip the parade, but I left it on the plan so we won’t forget to decide. I’m looking forward to a lovely sit down meal that doesn’t involve a hot dog or French fries.


It was another good day. DH’s back is still improving. We got to the park right at 10 am. We wanted to grab breakfast at the park bakery, but the lines were atrocious so we didn’t. DSS16 had his heart set on a foot long Mac and cheese dog from Casey’s, so that’s what he had.

We’ve been failing breakfast. POP has been very crowded in the mornings and so have the park options. Luckily, we’ve been eating lunch early.

We started with a FPP for Buzz - there was a lot of disorganization on the lines but nothing major. I did not realize I could spin my vehicle for a bit. I’m sure that’s why I only got 2400 points. Yeah, that’s not a typo. :flushed:

While we were in line for Buzz, I realized we weren’t going to make our Space Mtn FP, so I moved it to 3:30. We headed over to BOG for lunch. We ate in the west wing and shared our table with a lovely family from North Carolina. The food was meh and the service was meh. The ambiance was very cool. We definitely enjoyed that. We also saw Philharmagic.

Next, we rode Winnie the Pooh, which was cute. They have so many activities for the little kids to do while in line. They also had a meet and greet with Tigger and Pooh right next to us.

Then, we headed over to 7DMT with our FPP. We rode Under the Sea next, which was also cute.

We were keeping an eye on the weather, as we knew a big rainstorm was expected. The wait for the Speedway and Jungle Cruise were both over 40 minutes, so we decided to wait. We missed jungle cruise yesterday due to a downpour, so we hoped to get it today.

We visited the Laugh Factory, which was funnier than I expected. By the time that was over, speedway was down to a 18 minute wait, so we did that.

We got to Carousel of Progress right before the heavens opened up. Once done, it was time for our Space Mtn. FPP. DSS16 decided he wasn’t up for a fast coaster, so DH and i rode it. It was still pouring rain, but we just ponchoed up.

DH has been on the fence because of his back, but he loved this ride as a kid and thought he’d risk it. For all the warnings they give you, it was super smooth ride. Way smoother than BTMR for example. We loved it.

Jungle Cruise didn’t appear to be opening soon, so we headed back to POP. did some laundry and went over to AOA for dinner. They’ve got a lot of nice options and some nice items in the store also. We’re glad we went. It’s nice to have a restful evening. We all needed it. :slightly_smiling_face: The view of POP from AOA was lovely.



(Oh. Did I just do that out loud?)

Thanks for posting. Nice pictures. I think that might be the first pictures I can recall seeing of INSIDE BOG.


Lol. Yeah, I thought I could brighten someone’s day, as SURELY I have the worst score ever. Lol

Interesting on the pics. The west wing only had 18 tables. I had pictured it larger.


If you’re headed back to Hollywood Studios at all, please allow me to suggest the Carrot Cake Cookie for breakfast. It’s worth the line. :smiley:


That Mac an Cheese Dog looks amazing … great photos


I’d read that, but we’re not headed back. DH hates carrot cake unfortunately. I think i was just too hot to eat many snacks that day.


Thanks! DSS16 really enjoyed it.




He apparently hasn’t had the right carrot cake then! :slight_smile:

Many carrot cakes are little more than glorified spice cakes. But the recipe that my mom uses (which is almost identical to the Paula Dean version you can find on-line, except that we also add about a 1/2 cup of crushed pineapple) has never failed to please ANYONE…even those who aren’t big Carrot Cake eaters. You guys come on over sometime (if you are ever in Michigan) and I’ll make it for you! :wink: And a cheese cake. You pick the flavor!


This is going to sound dumb but it’s weird looking at those pictures because I’m thinking “wow! there are people at MK today!”

It’s like I think it doesn’t exist if I’m not there.


Reminds me of an old episode of “Growing Pains” where Mike Seaver’s character realizes while flipping through channels that time passes even if he isn’t observing it. (It involved him watching the theme song to Gilligan’s Island, changing the channel, and then changing it back and noticing that the theme song had gone on without him!)

There is apparently a name for this psychological principle. No idea what it is. But the fact that you noticed it as it applies to MK is normal. (At least, according to psychologists!)


It just seemed weird to see people waiting in line for rides when I’m at home doing my regular domestic things. I feel like it’s almost rude that they’re there. Like “why aren’t you at home, working?”

You remind me of the phenomenon most school teachers have experienced — school children don’t seem to think that teachers exist outside of the school. If they see you in town — perhaps shopping in a mall — they’re usually tremendously excited and astonished.


I know. I know. We’ll make up for it with some treats at Epcot.


I remember experiencing that as a kid. I mean, teachers don’t actually buy groceries, do they? Don’t they just appear at school in the morning and vanish from existence the rest of the day? But there was my school teacher buying milk. How is that possible? :wink:




This is FANTASTIC that you recall such vivid memories of “Growing Pains”! Awesome!


I grew up on The Facts of Life, Growing Pains, and Family Ties (among others). :slight_smile: