Garden wing view rooms at Contemporary?

Looking for opinion on garden wing view rooms at CR…we have WL booked for 11/30-12/6 but were thinking of changing the first night only to another resort…just to try out. We did that last year w/ first night at AKL and then moved to our favorite (WL) for the next 5 nights.
Looks like Poly is sold out but CR has garden wing rooms…none of the views look too spectacular from what I can tell which is ok, but does anyone have experience with that room type or recommendations? Thanks! :wink:

You’re right, the views aren’t great, but those rooms are very close to the beach and pool, it’s easy to catch the electric water pagent, and they’re quiet. Honestly, it’s the walking distance to the MK that’s a big seller for that resort. It’s not as themed as other resorts, but it’s location makes up for it. Plus, the garden wing rooms are exactly the same as the tower rooms, so you’re not really missing out there at all. We’re staying there Thanksgiving week and I’m super stoked about it.

Thank you! That’s kind of what I was thinking!!! It looks as though the standard view garden wing seem to have somewhat of a “monorail view” which is kinda neat lol.
I too am sort of being swayed by the location/walking ability to MK for that day and the rooms look super nice. So you’d say not worth the cost to “upgrade” to a main tower room?

Check out Room 6123

The almighty Len even commented about it.

Sorry, apparently that link doesn’t take you straight to the room. It’s this one in the upper left corner of 1st floor:

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We stayed there last November, rm 5125. It was very quiet. We chose a room close to the pool for the kids. Here’s our view

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That’s nice! Was this garden wing standard view? That’s what I’m showing availability for. Do you happen to know room #?

Oh I love that one! Looks to be garden wing garden view though…I’m showing garden wing standard view available…

Interesting. I can only presume the same room in the two floors above it would have similar view (but not the direct access to the beach). That is, a view of the fireworks at night between the Contemporary Tower and Bay Lake Tower.

Thing is, I wonder what the chances are of getting that particular room for a single night in a room request.

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yea. we are staying 1 night in garden wing STANDARD view. Haven’t seen any really good views on room finder. There’s a difference in garden wing standard and garden wind garden view

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Yes, it was room 5125 and a garden view. I’m not sure if that is different than a standard view. It was in the middle of the Garden Wing.

And now I see there is a difference with standard and garden view. We paid for Garden, but I requested a room around 5125 towards the pool. I’m not sure what room 5125 is considered. Let me see if I can find out.

The garden wing standard views really only face the parking lot or another building. But I kind of like the monorail going by – I find that magical, even if it is a parking lot.

As for upgrading to the tower, I think the only real upgrade worth it is the theme park view – and that’s super pricey. I’ve been just as happy in the garden wing with a standard view. I guess, much like Ringo, I’m just happy to be there.

apparently 6308 is garden wing/standard view and has views of the water. 3rd floor on the end. I think that is what I will request.

It says that 6308 has a king bed and a sleeper sofa – I think it may be a deluxe room, which is a different booking category than just a standard room. But I guess there’s no harm in a request!

oh shoot. It says standard view. Maybe there is standard view deluxe??? good grief …It’s one night, I’ll take what I get.

yep Garden Wing - Deluxe Room

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I’m requesting 5166. I’d like to be on the ground floor and close to the main building. I don’t think we’ll be spending that much time actually in the room when we go.

That’s a good plan. The rooms closest to the lake are furthest away from the lobby of the CR and not a quick walk.

Oh sorry I just saw Garden Wing and View. I should have actually read your post. Good luck to you!

We were in the Garden Wing Standard Room last May. I really enjoyed it. I think I made a comment on the TP room finder - I will see if I can find it. If you looked straight - it was a parking lot If you looked to the left - you could see the river/boats and the monorail. I liked going out on the patio and watching 'the traffic".


We will be booking a GW room shortly and this will be our first time staying there. We will be traveling in December 2020. I am so excited. This is for our family of six plus SD, so two connecting rooms. We almost always do a split stay. Previously, we have stayed at Poly, WL, AKL, and even once at FW cabin and once at CSR (pre-refurb). I appreciate reading through all the feedback above.