Garden Wing - 1 Bedroom Suite

I was looking at Garden Wing - 1 Bedroom Suite Access for the Contemporary. I know it is not Bay Lake Tower but is garden wing the little buildings that sit out closer to Bay Lake? The pictures of the rooms look good and not terribly priced for a “villa” but I don’t really see any reviews about these and if these out buildings are more of a pain than its worth. Seeking advice please.


It is a little bit of a walk (about the same as Bay Lake Tower) to get from those to the Contemporary Tower. It is a further walk from there to MK.

I don’t have experience with them, but did a bit of research for our upcoming trip. The biggest negatives I read were:

  1. The aforementioned additional walking distance
  2. The bugs. I guess there are a lot more bugs over there. Not sure how true that is in practice, only that people mentioned it.

The other negative is the view. Obviously, there aren’t really views of MK available, etc. But you are paying significantly less there as well.

We enjoyed our stay in a garden wing (garden view) suite at the Contemporary last month. However, the wing does feel very detached from the main wing. It is a little by of a walk (almost uncomfortable) to the bus stops and MK. Keep note that the monorail doesn’t go straight to MK from the hotel, it stops at TTC, Poly, GF, and then 20 mins later at MK.

Some people would drive their cars from the garden wing parking lot to the tower parking lot just to be closer to buses and walkway to MK. If you don’t have any stroller, I strongly recommend doing this. The parking spaces that are closer to the buses are further away from the Tower entrance so there it plenty of room.

Thank you. We have 1 little kid (4) and optimizing/reducing the walking will be important as will a stroller. Feel like might be best for us to pass and find a different 1 bedroom with easy-ish access to MK.

I didn’t stay in a suite - but I did stay in a standard room in the Garden Wing. I thought it was wonderful and peaceful and well worth the savings from the main tower. I had an MVT deal. It was a little bit of an additional walk but nothing that was hard. I think it was similar form a building at the Poly to the lobby or to a bus stop from another resort. Plus you don’t have to deal with the elevator line at the main building. It was five - six minutes at most. We had our 9 and 5 year old sons with us.

I don’t really care about the view because I don’t spend time in the room, but we had a partial view of the waterway and I enjoyed seeing the boats and the monorail from our window. It is very close to the pool which was nice. Walking to and from the MK is so wonderful! It is a 10 minute walk from the main building but so much nicer than a bus. It was one of my favorite stays.