Garden view dessert parties

Where exactly is the viewing area if u decide to pick this spot over the terrace? I’ve heard it’s better but is it off to the side or in front of the castle/Casey corner

The gardens are in the circled area. It’s the grassy area that is behind the fountains (the white blobs on each side). Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the viewing area for the dessert pary is on the right side gardens.

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This email two areas are the old FP section. I believe only the one on the right (where Tibet flies) is used (and it was open last year during the Halloween Party). The one of the left is open to the public now.

This was the view from the garden dessert party viewing area.


Can’t get much better than that :+1:

Awesome! We will be there Presidents Day weekend, and I’m considering the dessert party mostly just avoid the crowds in the Hub. Does anyone know if they let more people into the party if it’s supercrowded, or is there a max. Limit of people regardless of crowds? I’d hate to pay for party and still end up having people elbow their way in front of us!

I’ve heard they offer same day tickets too . I’m going first week of December and am doing dessert party to avoid crowds and hoping to not be squished by tons of rude people either.

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The parties sell out since there are a limited amount of tickets . They do not seem to increase them in busy times.

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They also did a really great job of making sure that people weren’t hanging around right in front of the viewing spot (it was a walkway and they really kept them moving) so the view remained spectacular. There was plenty of space the day we did it (in mid-June), enough that the majority were sitting on the ground spread out until the show started.