Garden Rocks 2020

I was wondering if someone can tell me when to expect the lineup for the 2020 Garden Rocks concerts to be announced. We will plan a trip this year if my favorite group is going to be there but plan to wait a year or two if they choose to pass on Disney this year. Don’t want to wait too long to make reservations with Star Wars just opening.

2019 concerts were announced on December 6th.

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I don’t know why I was expecting a hidden mickey formed by garden rocks or something of the sort in this thread…


Who’s your favorite group amiga?

Okay, I am old. Fell in love with Herman’s Hermits when I was 11 in 1965. I still follow Peter Noone and go to as many of his concerts as possible. My brother calls me a 65 year old groupie!

Oh I love Herman’s Hermits! Love them! Good choice!!!

Thanks! I might go ahead and make a reservation for the most likely time frame and hope for the best knowing that I can cancel if necessary. I also have a close family member with cancer, so I might have to cancel any travel plans if things don’t stay good on that front.

Paging our resident DJ @longwalk here! Some specific british rock is needed in this thread good sir!

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Do you think Peter None will sing his song, “Don’t Dare Have Lunch With Jeffrey Dahmer!”

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Hi @quicha Didn’t see this thread 'til just now. Was out and about since yesterday afternoon and didn’t take the laptop along. :grin:
Consider your page answered :sunglasses:


Awwww, thanks! Their first hit. I may have gray hair, but when Peter sings I’m 13 again! LOL


Wouldn’t that be fun! At EPCOT he pretty much sticks with US hits and does a few covers of other artists. I would love it if he would even do a few of their British hits but he has to play to his audience here.

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