Garden Grove for dinner?

Has anyone ever eaten at Garden Grove for dinner? How was the food and what was character interaction like? Looking for some potentially different places to eat for our next trip since we are probably staying in EP resort area.

I’ve been following for replies, too! We have a reservation for next week, but not sure whether to keep it. (Alas, this is the main downfall of Forum vs olden-days Lines chat. Crickets chirping! Please help, somebody!)

I agree… crickets is right lol! Thanks for replying though… maybe someone will see this eventually!

HI guys! I’ve never eaten at Garden Grove, but my party of 10 did have an ADR there leading up to our May 2014 trip. I thought the lighted tree in the center of the restaurant looked beautiful! However… when I asked for feedback on Chat, people shared that Garden Grove has not had the greatest reputation for food quality and isn’t all that popular among Liners. With that said, I ultimately canceled the ADR because it was for our arrival day, and we all just decided we wanted to lay low and relax at AoA, instead of heading to another resort for dinner. I hope that if you decide to try it, you enjoy it!

Just got back from 8 nights at The Swan. We did not have dinner there, but we did have a very good breakfast. Service was very good. One great thing for us was being able to be seated for breakfast at 6:30 and still be on the bus in plenty of time for the welcome show and the 8 a.m. rope drop.

We just got back from 7 nights at WLV, had a character supper at Garden Grill (amazing!) but never made it to the Grove. Glad you ha a good breakfast there!

We had the seafood buffet at Garden Grove, and our only character was Rafiki. The seafood sitting under the heat lamps was gross, and I wouldn’t return. Sorry.

Thanks for all of the input! I think we will stick with Chef Mickey’s. Our family has always enjoyed it and I hate to chance this meal not knowing if we will meet the “fab five.”