Garden Grocery List

Any suggestions on something I might have missed for our Garden Grocer order? I’m not getting too many things. Water, yogurt, milk, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, fruit. We’re first timers, and we’re driving. But the nuggets need to stay frozen, so I figured I would plan an order to save on room in our trunk.

I don’t think there is a freezer, so get refrigerated nuggets (I know Perdue makes those).
We did cereal, milk, juice, fruit, bagels, butter, paper bowls, plastic spoons and snacks (that we ate in the room and took with us to the parks) - cereal/nutrigrain bars, goldfish, pretzels, etc. You’ll save a ton of money by doing breakfast in your room like this, and bringing snacks into the parks so you don’t have to buy the expensive snacks in the park. Save your money for nice dinners!

oh I should have mentioned those days we are staying at TBC 2 bedroom which has a freezer. Our first half of the stay doesn’t that is why I’m not bringing them down.

Are you staying offsite?

ETA: nevermind I see your next post LOL

This was my most recent order, which was heavily focused on easy in-room breakfasts and a few snacks:

Juicy juice drink boxes
Bottled water (flat of 40)
Boxed donuts (pkg of 6)
Store bakery muffins (4)
Single-serve cereal (in the plastic bowls) - 4
Half gallon milk
Yogurt (4)
Single-serve OJ (6pk)

We were on the dining plan, and it still was more than we needed. I have pared back more and more each year. I suppose it has gotten easier as the kids have grown older, not having as many “little kid” needs as they used to.

Hope this helps!

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Does TBC have a legit freezers or, like at the Contemporary, more of a “cold(er) area in the fridge” :wink:

My bad, I misspoke again. We renred points and have a 2 BR villa, so it has a full kitchen. I don’t know about their regular rooms.