Garden Grocer vs. Amazon

For our upcoming trip in the fall, I have been researching grocery delivery to the resort. Last time we went I was grossly underprepared for snacks/breakfast, etc and really regretted it. This time I vow to be prepared so that my son isn’t “starving” while in the hotel room. Anyway, I have looked into Garden Grocer and have also read articles on having things shipped via Amazon. Has anyone tried either/both? Would love to hear your opinions on which is better. Side note: I do not need baby items or frozen/refrigerated items.

I was just discussing this w/ DH. We’re planning on looking into Amazon, primarily b/c we just need a case or two of bottled water and some dry snacks etc…but has heard good things about Garden Grocer which may be the route you need to take if you need refrigerated/frozen stuff.

I have used both. GG for when we stayed at cabin. Fruits, milk, eggs, frozen items, and other fresh stuff. I would use them again when staying at a resort with a full sized frig. Plus you can get beer and wine.
Amazon prime/prime pantry (not the prime now) for water and prepackaged shelf stable snacks. Which I order from Depends on how much I need. Less than $25-$50 of non perishables and no alcohol, Amazon. More than that, perishables, and alcohol, GG.

Where are you staying?

I ask because we were charged a package fee (based on weight!) when we stayed at Bay Lake for a package that we got from Amazon. It goes to their business center, which is run by a third party.

Some resorts charge, some don’t. It’s inconsistent.

I don’t think there will be any extra fees if you use GG. There’s also Dizzy Dolphin, a local family run service. If you contact them, they might be able to let you know the specifics at your resort. I’m going to give them our business next time.

We have stayed at Bay Lake Tower twice and, both times, had a Garden Grocer AND Amazon Pantry order delivered. The first time we were charged $10 holding fee by the Contemporary but we weren’t charged anything this past March - not sure if something changed or if we just got lucky.
Anyways, we purchased milk, yogurt, fruit, veggies, bread, wine/beer from GG and everything else from Amazon. We even ordered shampoo, sunscreen, lotion, diapers, wipes, etc. from Amazon so that we didn’t have to pack them!


Thank you guys! We are staying at Caribbean Beach, so I’m not sure if there is a fee associated with Amazon there or not. Sounds like Amazon might be the way to go for non-perishables/snacks, etc though. I don’t think I will need any real refrigerated food, so I think I will look into this. @egkleinmann, that is a good idea to also have sunscreen, toiletries, etc since they tend to use up a lot of baggage room. Did you just end up bringing the unused bottles home or did you just leave them there and consider it a loss?

We brought most items home with us but I remember tossing a few things since there wasn’t much left (sunscreen was one of them).

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I like GG because I want refrigerated stuff (milk for cereal) and alcohol. But try to order early for the discount if going with them. I think it’s 10% at 60 days.

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I’ve used GG 8 times (including upcoming trip) and I love them! I have saved us so much in bottled water alone! I’ve never been charged a holding fee at Old Key West (2) , Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village, The Poly, The Boardwalk, Port Orleans Riverside, POP and All Star Movies.

I’m another fan of GG, though I do wish a delivery service like Instacart or PostMates would start up in Orlando, if only because then you typically have more than one store option. PrimeNow might be an option if you have an AmazonPrime account… they have cold & frozen foods available (and the prices were typically better than many NYC grocery store prices when I lived there) as well as non-perishables and lots of non-food options (think pharmacy, health & beauty, maybe flip flops or a spare tote bag) too. I don’t see why they’d be treated differently than GG, as the goods are delivered by a dedicated delivery person (not UPS/FedEx) and are packaged in either brown paper bags or reusable grocery bags just like GG.

We did Garden Grocer last year. Everything came as they said to Coronado Springs and was fantastic. They were right on point for sure and I would recommend using them when going to Disney.

We are taking a Disney break and doing Universal. GG does not deliver there. Does anyone have anything else to say about Amazon? Would love coming to room with water waiting for us.