Garden Grocer questions/Split Stay

Just trying to wrap my head around this process…

  1. Does Garden Grocer deliver groceries to Bell Services? If so, does bell services keep the food cold?

  2. Does bell services then deliver the groceries to my room or do I need to pick them up when we get back from the parks?

  3. We will be arriving early in the morning so my plan is to just drop off our luggage and go straight to MK. Will bell services bring our luggage to our room once our room ready? Sorry, I don’t mean to sound like such a diva, but I am traveling alone for part of this trip with a young child who will be in a stroller.

  4. Lastly, we are doing a split stay, does Disney still transfer luggage and groceries to our 2nd resort? If so, do they come to our room to pick everything up or will we need to bring it down to bell services.

    Thanks all~

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We were there early August and had groceries delivered from Instacart and did a multiply-split stay, changed rooms in first resort, then went to UOR and back to a different WDW resort. We actually didn’t order anything needing refrigerated but somehow a pack of cheese sticks got inadvertently put in our order which became a running joke with me and DS’s. When we changed room/moved they did keep our cheese in the fridge for us when we stored our bags. We didn’t have Disney move our stuff from one resort to another so I can’t speak to that. They will bring grocery delivery to your room, but there is a charge for it, I think it was $6 for us. When moving, bell services will come to your room to pick up your items, or you can bring them down yourself. Same for luggage delivery at arrival. As a tip, we brought an empty nylon duffel bag to put our water bottles and snacks in for the moves which worked out very well. Except for the cheese, which we would hand over in a little green produce bag, and kept getting misplaced :joy:. I did hear that at some point they are going to stop storing refrigerated food during split stay moves, not sure when or under which circumstances. Maybe someone else knows?

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  1. We used Garden Grocer for delivery to CSR in July. They delivered directly to bell services, and I received a text from GG when delivery occurred. Cold items were in a separate bag & marked as keep cold. Those items were held by bell services in cold storage.

  2. When I arrived at CSR, I went to bell services and asked them to deliver everything to my room because I couldn’t carry everything myself. You must be in your room for delivery if you choose this option with your GG order.

I don’t know the answers to 3 & 4, but someone else in the forum will know because LINERS ROCK!

  1. Yes and yes.
  2. They won’t deliver them when you’re out. You can either pick them up yourself or call Bell Services from your room and ask them to bring them up.
  3. See answer (2).
  4. They will transfer luggage but the new policy is not to transfer food that needs to be chilled / frozen. I think this is to do with liability since they don’t have refrigerated trucks and the transfer process is centralised. It might be easier to Uber over to the new resort and leave everything with Bell Services there, who will keep chilled / frozen foods for you as appropriate.

Edit: you can either take your luggage down to Bell Services before transfer or call and ask them to come up. They’ll ask how many bags etc and tell you how long they’ll be. Allow 30 minutes as a guide seems to be the advice.


Yes, they sure do!

Great info! Thank you~

This is exactly what I also needed to know, thank you. My understanding on the chilled items is they didn’t want to be held liable for maintaining temperature for medications.