Garden grocer delivery

Do you need to be in your room for bell hop delivery? If not in room will they put fridge items in the fridge? And can you stop at bell hop prior to tip or pick up yourself?

I so want to answer you but I don't know for sure. What I do know is I thought they were going to deliver my GG stuff to my room but when we returned to the room at 10:30 it wasn't there. We called the desk and they brought it right over. I didn't offer to go get it so I don't know if you could pick it up yourself. Can't see why not.

We've used GG a couple times, but never been out of the room for delivery -- when we get into our room, we just call down to Bell Services and have them bring up our luggage and groceries while we freshen up, unpack our hand-carry items, ooh and aah over the room, and so on. Within 10-30 minutes, they've delivered everything to the room and we go on the way.

Consistently I've found that no matter what time I tell Garden Grocer to deliver, they will deliver to Bell Services early in the day and so when we arrive, the items will already be at Bell Services (with cold items kept in cold storage there).

If you don't have a lot of items, as long as you can show ID, you should be able to pick everything up from Bell Services, but you will need to carry all the items by hand (and probably won't have a luggage cart to help). I'd just have them bring it up to your room unless you're bringing a horde of folks to help carry everything.

I've had very good luck with my items being in my room on check-in. I always do online check-in, but I don't know if that has helped.