Garden Grill lunch


We plan on doing the Behind the Seeds tour so I thought it would be nice to eat at GG afterwards and enjoy some of the things grown there in the greenhouses. I see lots of rave reviews about GG, but I tend to see them related to breakfast. Is the lunch just as good? Or is the breakfast so great that we should do that even though it would be before the tour and wouldn’t, based on my read of the menu, include as many things grown in the greenhouses?


I haven’t done GG but juts as a piece of info, all the restaurants in the land pavilion use produce from the gardens. So if that is your priority, there is a cheaper option if you want to save a character meal for a different occasion.


I enjoy the food at GG lunch and there seems to be something for everyone. It’s a character meal, so it’s not cheap. I have had lunch there twice, and it is definitely better if you get to sit in the booths on the outer ring with everyone facing outward towards the Land views. This year we were seated in the upper section in the center, so all our character pictures just have a wall as the backdrop. I think the difference was that 2 years ago we were a family of 4 with no highchair and this time we were 5 with a highchair, and I don’t think they can put a highchair by the booths because it would block the walkway.

Never had the GG breakfast, but might consider it next trip for the opportunity to hit Soarin’ before rope drop. We like Akershus PPO breakfast to hit Frozen and Anna & Elsa meet before the crowd hits.


It’s been a couple of years, but we really enjoyed our lunch at GG, and the characters were wonderful. In fact, it just popped up on my Facebook memories with a picture of Dale playing keep away with DS and a pen. Even DH, who is hard to please with a meal, commented how much he enjoyed the food.


I’ve only been to GG for breakfast but have heard good reviews for all meals. Sunshine seasons is a QS in the land pavilion that serves produce grown there.


Thanks. We do the DDP so the cost is not a draw back for us. Very helpful to know about the different seating sections. We will have 5 so I wonder if the booths on the outer ring are an option.


I was originally planing on just eating at Sunshine Seasons but it seems like every list I come across of top restaurants in WDW has GG listed so I thought maybe it is worth stopping for one of our TS meals there. Do you think the difference between the two is worth the time and TS credit?


I will let others comment on Sunshine Seasons because I haven’t eaten there yet myself. But I am hoping to do the behind the seeds tour and eat there after. We ate GG for breakfast and loved it for that meal. We had PPO so rode Soarin right after. I have never had lunch there but am more intrigued to try restaurants in WS for lunch and dinner. Sorry that probably isn’t much help!


It is a decent sized U-shaped booth, so I think 5 would probably fit, I think it was probably the highchair that kept us out of it. And we couldn’t have sat there without because my 2 year-old thinks it’s fun to grab everything he can reach and throw it on the floor.


I can’t speak to the difference between the too, but I was very impressed with Sunshine Seasons. It is genuinely fresh yummy food. I had the fish tacos and my husband had one of the stir frys. It was a nice light lunch before heading to snack our way around the world.

I listen to a few podcasts and have heard mixed reviews on GG, with the primary benefit being early entry. Of course those are just “one man’s opinion”


We are a family of 5 and sat in a booth both times we ate there. We prefer breakfast, but enjoyed dinner (which I believe is the same as lunch). The characters are great and riding Soarin with a PPO breakfast was awesome. We were also Family of the Day with breakfast, which was a fun bonus.