Garden Grill Dinner

Did you enjoy it if you have been? How is the food and character interaction? I like the idea of the veggies being grown on ride underneath it. I see a lot about breakfast, but not much about dinner.

We enjoyed it. It’s nothing spectacular but everything we had was good. I especially enjoyed the salad - there was nothing crazy in it but it tasted so fresh and delicious to me (but maybe that had something to do with being pregnant).

The character interaction was great! We actually had all four characters stop by our table multiple times.

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LOVE the Garden Grill. We’ve done the dinner there several times over several years and it’s always great. The food is delish and satisfies my southern palate and my picky eaters as well (mac & cheese, baby.) The restaurant rotates slowly and you get to see parts of The Land ride. The whole thing is kinda relaxed and laid back which we love. The characters are awesome and include the big guy himself. We even celebrated a birthday there and they had a little cake. Definitely our favorite sit-down experience.


Really enjoy dinner there - the family style is great and we’ve always enjoyed the food. Choice of 3 entrees plus sides gives you lots of choices. Frankly it’s our favorite character meal overall. The interactions with Chip & Dale have been awesome with my son. Lots of fun poses & nice interactions over a Chip/Dale pin or socks that are lots of fun…

We did dinner last time & really enjoyed it - think breakfast is on the slate for our next trip, but both are really fun. Food wise dinner is likely a better value although it doesn’t come with the PPO Soarin’ ride is the only real downside to dinner…


I enjoyed our dinner there (I loved breakfast there more but I’m also a breakfast person). The character interaction is wonderful. And I like that the meal is family style rather than a buffet.

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We went for dinner in September and the food was a bit of a let down. The characters interactions we had were fantastic!! The food was fine while we were there - however, the very next night we had dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern and the food was the EXACT same as GG. We had never been to either so we didn’t know what to expect. The food at Liberty Tree was SO much better than GG and that’s when it kind of became a let down for us. I also found it strange that the menu was the same (with the exception of dessert). But like I said - the characters there were absolutely phenomenal and in the end that is what was important to us.