Garden and flower festival

Can someone explain to me how the Garden and Flower festival work with the dining plan.

kiosks will have some items marked with the Dining Plan Snack logo. You’ll be able to use snack credits on those items.

Ah really? That is great. Thanks so much. Is it worth it? Is the food good?

Some of the food is very, very good! I usually enjoy the BBQ, but the shrimp and grits are excellent! Make a list and try something from every booth! It is a great chance to try something you never would order in a restaurant!

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My DH and I are going this time of year specifically for the food at the Flower and Garden Festival this year! Here’s a link to the list of food and beverage items:
Keep in mind, all the food items are snack-sized. Plus, there are a few tables and seating, but mostly you’re meant to eat while you’re walking.