Galaxy's Edge with people that aren't!


I’m from Brazil and I’m going to Disneyland early August’ 19. I’m going with my wife, my mom (80 y.o.) and my daughter (11 y.o.). My ladies couldn’t care less about Star Wars, but I’m a fan and would like to go to Galaxy’s Edge.
My plan is to arrive early and go to the major attractions (Peter Pan, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Buzz Lightyear, etc…) in the morning. After lunch, we’d go to Galaxy’s Edge to tour the land, see the shops and maybe ride Smugglers Run via Fast Pass. And then go back to Disneyland for the other attractions, night parade, fireworks, etc.
I believe that, if I go to Galaxy’s Edge in the morning, when I get to the others land in the early afternoon it will be really crowded and like I said, the main thing for our group is to ride the major attactions, not see the Star Wars land.
What do you think? Any info or help would be really appreciate it!!


Kleber Ancona

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If YOU want to see it, why not let the rest of your party do their own thing in the morning while you go to Star Wars? That way you don’t have to feel like you need to rush to avoid them being bored and they don’t have to suffer through something they don’t want to do.

Set a time and place to meet - maybe for lunch - and hang together the rest of the day.


There will not be fastpass/maxpass for Smugglers Run, so you will have to wait standby. It does have a single rider line though, which will make that wait a lot less. Also, there will be a virtual queue that you can enter once you have scanned your tickets into Disneyland. You won’t really get to choose when your return time will be, but you have 2 hours to enter from when your time is allowed to enter.
I went for the opening and was blown away. I don’t even like Star Wars! I think it is a must do, it really is a visual masterpiece and worth the time to see it. I rode Smugglers Run 4 times, it is a great ride.
Also, buy Maxpass. It is worth every penny and allows you to ride more rides than using paper fastpass (plus you save all the walking/park hopping needed with paper).


I think you have time to rework your plan once we see how the wait times at SWGE pan out when it opens to non-reservation crowds on Monday, including the new “boarding pass” system - which hasn’t been tested yet, so no one knows how frequently it will be used. Check back with us closer to August and I will have thoughts! :wink:


Welcome Kleber to the wonderful world of Disneyland planning! It’s a lot more laid back than you will find in the east cost Walt Disney World park, but still worth putting in some time to have a gameplan, especially coming from so far away!

I think your plan to do other attractions first that your whole party will be excited about is a great strategy! As Jeff mentioned already, we’re all going to be learning what Galaxy’s Edge will look like without the reservations in place. With what’s happened today so far, it looks as if the worst of the lines was this morning first thing for the ride so definitely would spend the morning enjoying the parks & join a boarding group that will estimate you get into the land late morning/afternoon. But keep up to date on others’ experiencing it as it is bound to change over the next month or two!


Thank you for all the info, really appreciate it!!!

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