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Anybody hear anything about possible reservations for GE at World?

I have not, but abc posted an article today that had various information about the new smoking/stroller policies. It mentioned that Disneyland will have “boarding times” for dates after the June 23 reservation end date to prevent lines to get in to the land. They said info will be on the Disney Parks Blog soon, but soon could be 2 weeks FAIK.

I haven’t heard anything on DW. I would be for it if they do. I don’t mind waiting for the ride if I have a set time to enter the land. I wonder though if they are waiting to see how things go in DL before making any decisions on WDW.

The FB group for Galaxy’s Edge that I follow just posted these 2 quotes in regards to DL:

“There will be no standby access to the land and we want to make sure that that’s clear for guests. We don’t want guests coming to the park thinking, ‘I don’t have a reservation. Maybe I’ll just get in the queue and I’ll be able to get in.’ We’re not going to have a standby line. So it will be limited solely to those guests that have reservations.” -Disneyland Vice President Kris Theiler

“We will be giving guests a window of time, but we’re still working through what that looks like and the duration for that. We’ll be working hard to ensure that guests have enough time in the land to see all the great things and experience the attraction. We know guests might want to stay in there all day, but we’ve got a whole big group that wants to get in there. We’re just trying to balance all those things and really deliver the right solution for our guests.” -Disneyland Vice President Kris Theiler

This was the article, the implied the “Set times” after June 23rd:

Two articles at Blog Mickey

To summarise.:

  1. between May 31st and June 23rd, you will need a reservation to enter the land

  2. from June 24th onwards, there will be a virtual queue for entry. Resort guests at the DL resorts get one each. Others can make them when they enter the park

  3. There will be a time limit on how long you can stay. They don’t know yet how long that will be, nor how to enforce it.

I can see them using those at WDW too. All the wording about WDW says “there are no plans at present to …”. IOW, Nothing has been ruled out.

The difference will likely be that there will also be an element of the FP+ system, so resort guests can try to book ahead of time, subject to availability, with some day-of bookings. Plus of course a paid “FP package”which will include entry to the land, FPs and a cup of blue milk and cupcake! All for just $99 per person.

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Thank you, @Nickysyme, but I am wondering about Disney World on August 29th weekend

Currently they have said WDW will NOT have reservations. However they have said WDW will allow access to GE during WDW EMH which may be the way they give the edge to those staying onsite. I suspect there will be lots of HS EMH around opening.

I suspect all other derails on how WDW will work will not be decided until they see how opening at DLR works out…

That is what we figured as well. I just figure several of you all are on other boards where you might have heard something.

An insider over on WDWMagic has confirmed overnight that WDW will have a virtual queue system for entry to Galaxy’s Edge.

It makes total sense. As someone pointed out, if you’re standing in a queue outside a park for 6 hours, you’re not spending any money.

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Is there a link

Some of the boards have definately been getting it wrong. There was insider information that people without reservations would be able to get into GE at DLR on a stand-by basis the first month. Disney has said, “absolutely not!”

But the virtual queue makes a lot sense. That is essentially how maxpass works at DLR, so would be relatively easy to implement at WDW.

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To what? The insider’s post?

To be clear, this isn’t from their news section, it is just a post. But he’s trustworthy. So at the very least, that is the current plan.

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Really hope it is true!!

I hope so too. We go in November and I would love to plan around knowing a time for GE rather than winging it. I don’t mind waiting 3 hours for the ride(s), I would just rather not have to be up at 4am to get to the park to wait 2-3 hours Or wait 6 hours to get in and then another 3 for the ride. I am definitely a fan of a virtual queue, especially since we are a group of 7.

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Just to clarify on your 3 points, the resort guests getting one each applies to the reservation from May 31-23 and not to the virtual queue starting June 24th. Non-resort guests have a chance a limited number of reservations but it’s still unknown how those will be announced or made available but they will be at some point.

Also the time limit will only applies to the reservation required from May 31-June 24. The last 3 paragraphs of this article give information on the viritual queue which they are calling a “boarding pass”. Since there will be no set time limit for guests coming in & out of Galaxy’s Edge your entry will be dependent on capacity.

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Thank you! but we are actually talking about WDW not Land’s GE Opening. Those dates are for Land.

Understood that the thread is about WDW, but the poster I replied to was referencing how logistics will work in Disneyland to compare for WDW so just wanted to make sure it was clear that a time frame & designated reservation for on-site guests only applied to the reservations prior to June 24th.

As for WDW I do imagine that at the very least they will implement the virtual queue system but definitely waiting until they see how it works for Disneyland before making any commitments or announcements around it.


Yea…I hate waiting. On one hand Disney wants you plan to the last detail in advance, then when it comes to a new Land…yep, it’s a secret. lol. It’s okay to know you have to plan, but much easier when you have all the information. :open_mouth:

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Going to call this weekend to check into VIP Tour for Opening weekend. Split several ways, maybe worth it! I heard they are still available. This is what happens when Disney makes us wait…lol. We spend more $. Ha

I booked a VIP tour for opening day and while they don’t have a lot of details yet as far as how the day will go, the nice part is that you don’t have to pay for it until 48 hours prior. So, I figure this is a good insurance policy to have in case there aren’t other offerings to reduce wait times.

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That is what I am thinking.