Galaxy's Edge Walk Around Time

I’m trying to figure out my HS TP for my FP day next week, and I’m just struggling.
For anyone that visited Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland, if you have 2 littles (5 and 8 yr old) who like Star Wars, would an hour in the land be too long? We are not doing Droid Depot, Savi, and I’m really starting to think we are not going to wait in line for the Millennium Falcon. We have so many other attractions we want to do, and I’ve read reviews about Smuggler’s Run and it just doesn’t seem worth it for us to wait in line 60-90 minutes and not have time for other things the kids would like just as much.

If we’re just walking around, maybe popping into a store or two, I feel like an hour might even be longer than we need.

Trying to plan FP around our time in GE, so please any advice would help!

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Yeah, I think you could do that in less than an hour. There are several very small shops to look around, and you’ll definitely want to get some blue or green milk. If you want to spend some useful time just being in the land, you could eat at Docking Bay 7. The food there was really good and I really enjoyed the ambiance also. If you don’t plan on eating there, and don’t plan on MFSR or the building experiences, I don’t think you’ll need an hour.

Thank you!

For our first time in GE our first stop was to marvel at the MF and get our pic taken in front of it. We hadn’t planned on riding it until later if time allowed & if the waits weren’t insane bc we have a 2 yr old who I didn’t want to be miserable in GE with little to do, but it was only a 15 min. posted wait by the time we got done with our pic so we seized the day & got the rider switch and ended up doing the 2 rides one right after the other while lightly exploring the immediate area. We then ate at Ronto Roasters (eating at Docking Bay 7 would’ve been much better, but I had wanted to see the pod racer engine bit in Ronto Roasters so that was our pick- food was ok but Docking Bay 7 has way more options & what seems to be better than the offering at Ronto; I would still walk through Ronto’s & enjoy). After eating leisurely we explored the market and used the restrooms and by then had hit 2 hrs in the land.

If you were not stopping as much as we were to eat & linger waiting for rider switch an hour would be sufficient I would say, but if you wanted them to play any of the datapad games or really linger I would plan for a little more. I know you said you weren’t doing droids & I’m not sure if WDW will follow the same structure as DL but in DL you didn’t need to wait in line or have a reservation to step in an walkthrough the droid experience. It’s a really fun place & there’s a life-size R2-D2 that is a really cool photo opp so I would most definitely try for a quick walk-through and photo for your Star Wars fan boys. Also, all Dok Ondar’s was really neat & the market was so well done & my kids (including the 2 yr old) would’ve been happy to wander there for another 20-30 min but we wanted to get onto the ride again & build a droid & were time-constrained with the 4 hr reservation.

Also, this didn’t even touch the Resistance side- which doesn’t have much but is a beautiful peaceful space that Chewie does roam through & sometimes comes out to work on the ship that’s parked on that side with some fun sound-effects & banging etc. of him tinkering with it. So it’s worth a quick walk-through.