Galaxys Edge sodas end up in Alabama store

Interesting…I really wonder how that happened. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have happened during normal times.

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That store looks for products that are near or past their sell-by date and buys them by the pallet load on the cheap. Then they turn around and retail them at a deep discount. With Disney parks closed, some Coke distributor or another obviously had a bunch of these about to age out and decided to sell them to the grocery store instead of throwing them in the trash.


That’s basically what I figured. I was just surprised that Disney didn’t keep a tighter hold on their stuff—except they don’t have the employees around doing that stuff right now, I guess.

I doubt that stuff was ever delivered to Disney. Odds are Tate’s got it from one of Disney’s distributors. Whether Disney is OK with that remains to be seen, but that seems more of a matter to take up with its distributor.

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Does soda have a sell by date? I don’t believe it goes bad.

I’d be surprised if it didn’t have a best by date. Most processed foods do. I don’t use the stuff so I don’t have any here to check.

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Years ago, when I bought any kind of soft drinks, I did have some go bad as in lost the carbonation. Flat, no bubbles.

Most sodas that I’ve seen have a “best by” date.

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Disney didn’t own those products yet. They probably have some sort of exclusive arrangement/contract, but it’s a distributor problem (probably) not a Disney problem.

And yes, most soda has a “best by” or sell by date stamped on it. We were moving offices at work and an admin found a stash of Diet Pepsi with 2016 “best by” dates - put them in the kitchenette area and they were gone in no time!

Um, yeah, it can go bad. I found an old bottle of pepsi in the back of our pantry once. Not good.

Also, often it’s the plastic that has a “best before” date, like your water bottles from the local distributor.


When I cleaned out my parents’ basement a few years ago, I found a couple cases of Pepsi Light. Cans like this:


So, circa 1980s? Definitely did not try it.