Galaxys edge opening day or EMH

We’ll be at GAlaxys Edge over its opening weekend in August. We’re staying at the beach club. Any advice would be appreciated as to whether we get up early (5am ish) on the opening day or wait until the 1st and still get up early but go when it EMH, so may not be quite as manic. Just wondering whether the atmosphere on the opening day may be better?

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Welcome to the forum! BC is a great advantage! I think if it going to be crazy you’ll have an idea the night before? Honestly, I am not that brave!

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Thanks, we’re from the Isle of Man, so only get over to the states every couple of years. 5am Florida time is 10am uk time so that’s not too bad for us. We fly home Monday night, and fancy seeing galaxys edge before we leave, especially as its opening the week we’re there. We didn’t think it was opening until November time. Checking things out the night before seems like a good idea. If it looks crazy then and people are almost camping out! We’ll wait until the Sunday.

I’d wait until EMH if you can. We’ll be in the world that weekend too!

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That opening day will be crazy, totally crazy. 5am will likely already see massive lines, it’s open to everyone and they will start queueing from at least when the park shuts the night before. I don’t think Disney could really stop that. (I still think there will be people “lurking” out before that, even if they can’t actually wait in line).

Go for the EEMH and try for as early as you can. Unless you’re just adults willing to to something mad for one day. I think I would if I were there, but I’d be waiting overnight!


Unrelated, as we lucked out and will be in the World the week before SWGE opens, but just came back from the Isle of Man on Friday. We stayed in Douglas and I LOVED it. Felt off the beaten path and yet we never were without something to do.

Weather will be a lot warmer in Orlando than it ever will be on the island!

We’re in Texas, so I’m already missing that island weather!