Galaxy's Edge - Morning or Evening?

We are just a few days away from leaving for our trip! Woohoo! Next Thursday we will be in HS. Its a CL 10 day. Keeping that in mind, is there a time of day that is the best time to experience GE? Or will it pretty much just be busy all day from RD to close? Looking for advice from those that have been on a CL 10 day, or anything in the last week. Thanks!

I’ve was there on a CL 10 day in February, and mornings in DHS are packed with the Boarding Group seekers. If you want to ride RotR, you have to be there first thing (which I’m sure you knew). If you want to just experience Batuu, I would recommend making some reservations late in the day when the crowds have cleared a bit from the morning craziness.

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I was there last week (CL 8) and if possible, I’d do both! It’s cool to see it in the daylight all hustle-bustle, but also very cool to see it at night all lit up, slightly less hustle-bustle. It was definitely less busy in the evening, if you’re purely looking for fewer crowds.

In terms of numbers, we walked on to Rise (BG4) and didn’t encounter any backups throughout. The Droid Depot (reservations: 10:05) had about a 10 minute wait, and about 15 to get into Oga’s (reservation: 11:10). We waited about 10 minutes in the FPP for Millennium Falcon, and about 10 for our mobile orders at Ronto Roasters to be called. The marketplace felt really crowded, though - much more than it did later that night (but I also just realized that that was after the Star Wars fireworks during EMH, which may account for some of it).


We were there in January. It wasn’t a CL 10, but the morning was absolute chaos. It was still opening at 7 am at that time. We found GE unbearable in the morning, but later in the day it was almost empty. We did RotR around 1 p.m. and it wasn’t as busy by then. We came back later in the evening after dinner. DH and DS6 built a droid and walked on MFSR just before park close. They had the ride to themselves and got to choose their roles.

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@erinkippen and @michellekelly625 thank you! This was the info I was looking for. I think I will do both morning and evening if we have time :slight_smile:

Evening unless you want a boarding group.

In the evening it is less crowded plus it looks really cool!

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