Galaxy's Edge in Feb 2020?

We’ll be on a Disney Cruise sailing out of Port Canaveral in Feb of 2020. We return to Port Canaveral on Feb 21 and we are thinking we might try to get to Galaxy’s Edge that day and/or the next. We need to book flights and DVC resort stay now but it seems like there’s a decent chance that we might not get into Galaxy’s Edge or that if we do, we’ll have an hours-long wait due to no FastPasses. So what are people thinking might happen with when restrictions on entrance into Galaxy’s Edge in WDW might be lifted (assuming they are used like at Disneyland)? And what are people thinking about when FastPass will roll out for the 2 new Galaxy’s Edge attractions, Rise Of The Resistance and Smuggler’s Run? How likely are those things to happen before Feb 21 2020?

The answer is: no one has any idea. While SWGE in Disneyland gave us some insight in how Disney will manage crowds, WDW is a different critter altogether, plus at that point RotR will also be open and there is no modeling available for that. Just keep an eye on the boards as openings unfold to see what’s happening!

If you only have one day at HS, it seems unlikely that you would score a FPP for either SW ride on Day 60+0 or 60+1 even if they were available in February. I think you’ll have to be prepared to do another park if SWGE doesn’t work out for you.

Thanks a lot @crankyduck. It’s helpful to have confirmation that there isn’t additional info out there that I just hadn’t found.

And that’s a great point @pkitt about even if a FastPass was available for the ride, slots would likely have been fully booked by others with longer trips who save Hollywood Studios for later in the trip. Therefore, if we do it, we’d need to rope drop and run pretty much regardless of whether there is a FastPass offered then.

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